Chapter 67- Acceptance

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(Abhinav is sitting in front of his mother's photo and crying his eyes out. He is sharing his feelings with his mother. It's the only place where he shows his true feelings.

" Ma, I don't know, Devika will forgive me or not. Every day I am breaking," Abhinav told his mother with a painful voice.

As usual, his mother is silent and saying nothing. Though she is silent but Abhinav could feel his mother's presence everywhere. He believes that his mother is always with him.

" Ma, I am not understanding what I should do. Without Devika, I always feel empty. I feel alone," Abhinav told his mother and burst into more tears.

Then he said punching on the nearby wall," Everything is my fault, ma. I am a failure. I am sure that you are ashamed of me because of my actions. I am sorry, Ma. I am really sorry."

" I shoul

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