Alternate chapter 63- Divorce

Read after "Granted Prayer" chapter

After one week

Abhinav's p.o.v

It's been one week since I have gained my senses back and the doctor has performed surgery on my right leg. They have attached a prosthetic leg so that I can walk. My health condition is quite better though my skin was severely burnt and the burn marks are noticeable on my whole body.

Well, I am not upset that my leg was castrated. Because I deserve this. It was the same leg that I used to kick Devika. It's Karma. Whatever I have done with her, for all those sins I need severe punishment and God is punishing me. I am glad about one thing that my children are safe and Devika is also here to take care of them.

After I opened my eyes, Devika and my children are always coming to the hospital to see me. Devika

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