2. Secret admirers

The two friends immediately left the arena and rushed to meet the Lord on their horses. The two horses galloped across the deserted roads at a speed that was not comprehensible to the naked eye. It was just like a bullet piercing the air as they swooshed through the roads. The East Batallion arena was situated more than forty-six miles away from the Royal Palace and it was the second farthest battalion, the first one being the South Batallion which was fifty-two miles away.

On the way, they had to pass through a thin jungle that stretched a few miles, only after which they could enter the kingdom. Even though the jungle was thin, it acted as a barrier and protected the kingdom and the people like a shield. 

Raelynn and Laurier rode their horses in the deserted area. Not many people were in the region as it was a hot summer day and moreover, it was lunchtime. They could only see people who were carrying woods from the jungle or the hunters who were out to hunt deer or other wild animals. Occasionally, they would come across travelers on their route who were making their way towards the kingdom entrance.

The kingdom of Volar had two entrance gates. The outermost wall had the first entrance gate and was the one that surrounded the entire kingdom, along with the jungle, the four battalion arenas, the two lakes, and the only waterfall in the kingdom. The second gate was the entry point to the actual kingdom where the Royal family and the people resided. If any person who did not belong to the kingdom had to enter, they had to go through both the gates and undergo a thorough checking before they could enter inside. This was done as a precaution in case any of the travelers were spies sent from the other kingdoms.

Raelynn and Laurier reached the kingdom as fast as they could, riding their horses at the speed of lightning. They then stopped at the second entrance gate where the guards stood with utmost attention and alertness observing the people who were entering and leaving the gates. The guards who were stationed here knew almost everybody in the city and this was what they had been ordered to learn and memorize when they were first allocated with this job.

It was not that they were suspicious of their own people. No. This was because the previous king, the current Lord's father, Lorcan Kharal had died after being mercilessly murdered by a stranger who nobody in the kingdom knew about. The person had entered the place without being noticed and the security too during his reign was not that tight. People could come and leave without being scrutinized as criminals and the only point for travelers where they were checked was at the outermost gate.

But after the attack, the current Lord, Eldrick Kharal tightened the security lest he should meet the same fate. Every strange person was thoroughly interrogated before entering the kingdom and they had to state their reason for coming there. Though the people of Volar had their complaints, they knew it was necessary for their own safety as well as their king's. Their beloved king had died under a mysterious attack and they did not want his son, the current king to meet the same fate. They loved and respected him as much as they did to his father and they did not want any harm to befall him.

The twelve guards near the entrance gate bowed as soon as they saw the Commander and the Knight Commander. Without another word, they allowed them to go inside. Raelynn too nodded at them with a smile on her face. Though she was the only Lady Commander, the other knights still respected her, not because she was their Commander. No. It was because she was the only Commander who treated everyone below her in the ranks equally and fairly. She respected them as much as they respected her. Even though their pride was wounded to think that they were being led by a woman, they still admired her greatly.

Unlike the other Commanders, who did not even look at them as they passed through the gates, Raelynn would enquire about their well being to make sure the knights were well and healthy and if they were comfortable working at their current positions, even if they did not belong to her battalion. She did not have the attitude or the haughtiness which the three male commanders possessed and that was why, unknowingly, she had a lot of secret admirers in the army.

She smiled at them amicably while Laurier just nodded at them. He knew how the other knights felt around her and it made him a little jealous. But he could do nothing. He could not control their feelings nor could he stop them from admiring her by giving them orders. She just had that charm in her which she did not even know about.

The two friends entered the kingdom without any problems. However, their way from there was not that smooth sailing. There was a huge fight going on in the market place and by the time they reached the venue, the fight had become quite bloody. Raelynn got down from her horse and went to see what was happening with Laurier following close behind. Although the fight seemed to be intense, to Raelynn it looked like a chicken fight, with two roosters banging their heads against each other in a cockpit.

The fight was as boring as ever even though blood was spilling like crazy from both men who were involved in punching each other. Raelynn even stifled a yawn seeing their spineless fight. 'There is nothing entertaining here. The men are as horrible as losers and if this continues, I might die of boredom. Looks like it's time for the great me to step in and provoke them more.'

Raelynn made up her mind and the next instant, she stepped closer towards the duo who were involved in their intense bout without caring about anything else. "Hey you, punch him hard. Why are you holding back? And you, why are not kicking his shin? He needs a good beating. Come on both of you start punching and kicking each other. We need more drama and it would be better if one of you even died here."

Raelynn started barking orders assuming the position of the Commander she was. She looked more enthusiastic than the two men who were busy trying to change the facial structure of their opponent. Her voice was loud enough and everybody, who was trying to stop them from fighting, could hear. As soon as those words slipped out of her mouth, the market place which was bustling with noise due to the commotion, became silent all at once. Everybody's eyes were turned to her, including Laurier's.

While everyone looked at her in confusion, Laurier was the only one who stared at her in amusement as he controlled his laughter. He knew what she was doing and could not help praise her in his mind. The two men had even stopped fighting after hearing her weird commands, although they were still holding each other's shirt lapels. 

"Why did you stop? After a long time, I am seeing such an interesting fight. Don't stop. Continue until one of you dies." She said enthusiastically with mirth dancing in her eyes. 'Interesting?' She scoffed inwardly for using such a good term. The situation was anything but interesting. 'If this is called interesting, then I will pluck my eyes out and feed them to the cows.' She chided even though she was the one who had coined the term in the first place.

Just like that, the fight ended and the marketplace returned to normal. The two men gave one look to each other that clearly said, 'I'll get back at you later,' before they left the place.

Raelynn dusted her hands to make an impact as though she was one who had been involved in the fight before she sent a playful wink at Laurier, who could do nothing but shake his head at her cheekiness.

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Miranda Petterson
is she really a Princess who lost her royalty or she is just warrior and become the princess after marry to a prince?

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