Chapter 4: Sworn Brothers….Thought Too Much!

In the evening Armaan received a call from Hernan Bush to have a drink.

“Soul” is the premium and most exclusive private club of Philadelphia. Even if you are rich you can’t enter the club; you need to be entitled too.

Hernan Bush, Adan Smith, and Dewei Scavo are the sworn brothers of Armaan. Hernan is the crown prince of the media & entertainment industry, Adan’s family is in the jewelry business since their inception, and Dewei followed his passion to be a doctor by dropping the inheritance of the Scavo family who is into politics. They all four grown up together and were armory of each other.

When Armaan entered the private room, three outstanding men with attractive appearance and handsome features i.e. high forehead, strong brow, and solid jaw with exquisite charm were already sitting there.  There look was enough to cause a nose bleed with high temperature. A transparent goblet filled with red wine was placed in front of them.

When Armaan entered the VVIP room, Hernan was the first one to greet him.

“Somebody seems to be too high in spirits today,” Hernan said with a playful smile. He is known as a smiling tiger in the industry. His means of handling things are sometimes more ruthless as compared to Armaan.

They all know Armaan loves Reese, but he never explicitly said. Although they are afraid of his anger and cold gaze, but how could they let him get away this time without teasing him. Only she was his weakness.

“You are too noisy,” Armaan said and sat opposite to Dewei. Adan handed the glass of wine to him.

Hearing that Hernan chuckled.

“So what if I am noisy, but can you stop pretending to be, we all know Reese is coming back, do you dare say that you are not waiting for her,” Hernan said while pointing to Armaan.

“Even if I am what it has to do with you,” Armaan said and ignored him.

Between that, Adan Smith said, “Not only Armaan, someone else is also waiting for her.” When he spouted this statement, Armaan's hands halted in the air and he looked to Adan as if he is waiting for him to complete his speech.

Understanding his intentions and sensing the dangerous gawk Adan didn’t wait and said the name, it’s Liam Sean.

Liam Sean was Reese senior, and also from one of the wealthiest families of Philadelphia. Their family was into the mining business. Although he never specifically expressed his feelings to Reese but his close ones know that he likes Reese a lot.

“Do you think, he has the guts or will I give him an opportunity?” Armaan said with full confidence while lazily leaning back to the sofa.

A loud laugh came from Hernan’s mouth, following which he said, “Who just now indirectly denied anything with Reese? Man I know you must have already planned out and placed your chess pieces at the right place. Oh my my, the little girl is in trouble, who asked her to grab the heart of an evil beast. I really pity her.”

“If you don’t talk, nobody will take you like air.” This time Dewei said to Hernan.

But turned his face to Armaan and said, “You can’t take Liam lightly. Reese already has a good impression of him. And he is also doing great in his career, there are no reasons for her not give him a chance. And we know he will definitely pursue her. Earlier it was all under your control to keep her away from all. But this time it would be a little tricky. You better prepared well. What if something goes wrong, you know Armaan nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. It’s not Liam but time is your opponent, and if you delay you might lose.”

Armaan gave a devilish smile while rolling the red liquid in the goblet and said, “The harder the battle is, the sweeter would be the victory. What belongs to me can only be mine.” With that, he stood and left.

Hernan looked to Dewei & Adan and said, “Let the show begin. Love storm is arriving in Philadelphia.”

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