Chapter 6: At Lee’s residence…

Mother Lee was busy in the kitchen preparing all favorite dishes of Reese like beef enchiladas, cheesy rice & broccoli casserole, pan-fried oysters, spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken dumpling soup, and blueberry buttermilk muffins as dessert.

Hearing the sound of a car coming from outside, she immediately stopped working and rushed to the main door. Reese stepped out…ran towards mother and hugged her tightly. Although she was her godmother but she always cherished her as her daughter. 

At the funeral of her parents, Mother Lee holds her hands tightly and said, “Reese, look into my eyes baby, I am here. You are safe with me, hold me tighter. Sweetheart, you didn’t grow under my heart because you are in it. You are my special child, do you believe your godmother. I am always there with you. Reese looked into the eyes of mother Lee and nodded.”

“Oh my baby, you become so thin, why you didn’t take proper care of your health. Look at yourself,”

Hearing this Aviva rolled her eyes and said, “Mom, you are acting like a Korean drama mother. From which angle you are finding her unhealthy. See she has grown up well. You don’t believe, you can check her breasts; it must be of size 32D.”

Hearing this mother lee gave a tight slap on her forehead and said, “How can be you so shameless?”

Armaan was the last one to enter the room but still heard what Aviva said, and can’t stop looking at Reese. Damn…I am feeling so uncomfortable. He hurried towards his room as he needs the cold shower.

Hearing chatting from the living room grandfather, grandmother, and father Lee also came.

Seeing grandmother and grandfather coming together she strolled towards them, and said in a giggling voice, “How are my love birds? I missed you so much! She stretched her arms out and hugged them.”

They both smiled wholeheartedly and kissed on her forehead one by one.

Sister Marry came and said, dinner is ready Sir. Everyone turned to the dining room. Seeing the sumptuous dishes at the dinner table, she felt contented.

Armaan also came down after settling his desire. Dinner went harmoniously and in silence as obviously with the presence of Armaan, nobody spoke much other than asking her routines.

Once dinner is finished, father Lee asked Reese, “Have you got any response for your applications? Do you need any help?”

Yes, I accepted the internship at MU Designers Pvt. Ltd., they are into architectural designing consulting. Although the organization is mid-tier but I believe it would have a good opportunity with challenging projects. As the number of employees is less so work would be more demanding and tricky.”

Once she finished speaking, a rough voice of Armaan sounded in her ears, “You mean to say, companies with larger employees don’t offer good opportunities. Are they into monotonous business operations?”

I didn’t mean that it’s just that I feel working there would be good for me to have practical work experience…she tried to retort silently.

So are we not doing practically? Is our operation is on papers only?” He said with some menacing hint.

Oh god, is his head is been kicked by a donkey. Why doesn’t he mind his own business? Why he just pick one word from the statement and turn the meaning totally upside down. I hate this man. I can forecast my future as my hard days are coming. Please God, save me from this horrible man.

With a pleading gaze in her eyes, she looks all to save her and dropped her head.

Mother Lee interrupted the discussion, and said, “Reese you should take a rest now, it was a long journey. You must be tired. And you must be joining them tomorrow, so better sleep well.”

She hurriedly stood up, bowed to all, and left instantaneously without looking back.

Back in the room, Aviva also followed her.

“Why do you always get startled in front brother? He will not eat you?” Aviva said with some mischievous sprite.

“Don’t make a joke of me? As if you are very courageous in front of him. How many times you were able to speak straight with him, tell me? Don’t you know him? He has all means and methods to prove what he said is true.” Reese said with a caustic smile.

Aviva replied, “But you can’t deny his capability; undoubtedly he is the man of his word. He has good business sense and handsome too. I truly don’t know which girl would get lucky to have him or to be precise what type of girl will be liked by him.”

Reese sighed and reverted, “He is a rude capitalist. I pity that girl who would be chosen by him. But why are you discussing all this with me? I am really tired and need to get up early. I don’t want to get late on the very first day of my joining.”

“Hehehe...Then sleep my beauty but before that give me a hug me,” Aviva hugged her tightly and left the room.

Once Aviva left, Reese unpacked her luggage and settled the things in her cloakroom. She picked up her pajamas and prepared to take a shower.

Once she came out of the bathroom, she lies in the bed and fell asleep soon.

In the study, Armaan was looking at the documents in hand with a mischievous smile on his face.

Reese, I hope you’ll like my surprise.

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