(2)I believe if it is with you

The sight of the familiar street used to lighten my spirits but it's only a constant reminder of what I couldn't get. The all too familiar house with one storey and the sight of the Gulmohar trees in the sidewalk brings back too many memories. The trees shed most of their leaves and stood in the cold October morning. I've never realized it's already been eleven months the last time I stood here.

As, I continue trotting down the street, with the cold air hitting my face, and the skies so dark except for the morning star and the moonlight making the place looks so serene and pleasant. It captivates me how beautiful the skies are before the daylight, and yet everything disappears when the sun rises. Nothing stays the same way I thought, I need to learn how to accept my reality but it's not easy. I just want to stop being ungrateful. 

I rounded the corner and headed towards my home wondering why I thought it was a good idea to come here. Today is the last day of my high school, I consider staying home but Chase pleaded me to come. He is adamant on spending the last day together, I got nothing better to do at home so I gave in. I knew we'll probably never see each other again for the two months before our board exam and that thought saddens me a little, but I knew he deserves someone better. I like him but I could never wholeheartedly love him back. 

When I returned home, mom is preparing breakfast and talking on the phone chuckling. It's early morning and I am curious as to who she was talking to because mom rarely smiles nowadays. She lifts up her head when she hears my footsteps and smiles at me. I wave at her and walk up the steps to dress for my school, I stop in my track when I hear his name." Oh, Liam Scarlet refuse to study" I heard her say in the phone her voice filled with disappointment. I close my eyes not wanting to hear their conversation but my feet seem to have a mind of its own and stay rooted on the spot.

"Yeah, I hope"

"Haha, do you want to talk with her?"

"It's fine. Call me again honey, when will you be back?" 

She continued talking and chuckled, occasionally.

I walk towards my room in haste slamming my door hard. I could hear mom shouting at me but my mind could not process her word.

' Liam ' one word but it cuts me deep in my heart. For the rest of the morning, my mind keeps drifting off to him which have me sulking. 

I stood in the sidewalk just three houses down from my home waiting for Chase to pick me up, dad is busy today and I ask Chase to pick me up. He instantly says yes. If my emotion were not mess up I would have love, Chase.

Five minutes of waiting, his car pulls up beside me and smiles brightly when he sees me. The gesture somehow warms my heart. 

"Hey love" he greets me. I open the passenger door and put on my seatbelt. I kiss him thankful for everything, although he knew nothing about me. He seems taken back by my action.Nevertheless, he kisses me back, sweetly. We pull back after kissing for another two minutes, he grins widely his face lighting up like he just won a prize. 

Chase is handsome with his olive skin, brown hair which he never really comb, and jawline that is so visible and his pointed nose. But what draws me in is his dimple on his left cheek and his black almond-shaped eyes. He's just the epitome of handsome and stunning, For an eighteen-year-old guy, he's got a great build.

"Why are you smiling like that?" He asks me,still smiling.

"I am just thinking about how handsome you are, " I say playfully but meaning it.


"I am flattered," he says jokingly putting his hand on his heart.

"Hah, start driving we'll be late for school" 

"Oh I would but someone is a little affectionate today," he says wiggling his eyebrows. I flushed deep red because I hardly kiss him. But I didn't know what compels me to kiss him the moment I see him. 

"Shut up" I replied smacking his arm. 

"Oi don't hit the driver"

"I will if you don't shut up"

"Okay okay, just for the record I don't mind another round," he says earning another pinch from me. For the next fifteen minutes, we bantered and laughed the whole ride to school. I am really grateful I met Chase because he has his own ways to make me feel like I can be normal, normal without debts, and he gives me a little hope. 

The class is going wild considering it's the last day, us being seniors we wrote wishes, good luck, phone numbers on our shirt. Chase hasn't got to write in my shirt considering we are in a different section.

It's almost lunchtime and I am already tired from all the shouting and smiling whenever my classmates come up to me for final words or a goodbye hug, I could hardly recall their names but still, I knew someday I will look back to this day.

Chase and I were on our way back to my home.As we passed by Liam house I saw the familiar Nissan car and my heartbeat speeds up at the sight."Scarlet can we still meet tomorrow?"

Chase's voice pulls me out of my thought. "What?"

"Can we still meet tomorrow? You know I don't mind meeting your parents"

"Chase I don't think that's a good idea," I said not really fond of the idea of introducing my boyfriend to my parents.

He looks hurt but smiles weakly. "Ahh It's okay then, to be honest, I am scared to meet them too."

He says frowning a little. I never thought of dating him for two months, and have never really thought about introducing him to my parents. My past boyfriends never really talk about meeting my parents but Chase is the first which prove that he's different from others. The thought scares me because It is not fair to him if I continue leading him on as if we can last. 

"Chase, do you believe in a long-distance relationship?" I ask suddenly.


"Yes, I believe, if it is with you," he says softly which left me speechless. I never really consider Chase feelings until now and I feel like a major bitch.

"Chase..." I tried to speak but he stops the car and cuts me off. "Scarlet it hurts to say this but I know you don't really love me, I just thought if I date you, you will slowly learn to love me back," he says smiling, I listen wordlessly because I never really have the courage to say he's wrong and I love him too but not enough to continue our relationship.

"Chase, we are still young and long relationship is out of the picture. You'll be in Shillong and we won't see each other again and, soon, you'll forget me."

"I hope, but still it doesn't hurt less. Do you remember the day I ask you out?" He asks his lips tilting upwards. I could feel my own lips curling thinking back to the day he asks me out. It was during sports, Chase has been throwing hints and flirting with me every moment he saw me for the past month. I find him irritating but that day he played volleyball for his house. He was the captain of the blue house and girls swoon over him for his good looks and hot body. His house manages to come in second and confess his feelings during his speech as the captain. It is kinda cliche but I find it cute and accept him later that day. Later, I found out that he was being punished by the principal for pulling the stunt.

"Yeah, you were crazy" 

"Crazy for you," he says joking lightly. 

"Okay, I'll call you later," I said and step out of his car. I turn my head to wave at him, he gave me a sad smile in return. Soon, he revives his car and took off. I stood in my porch step watching him go until he's out of my sight. I am really glad I got to spend my time with him today, I may not love him but still, he holds a special place in my heart.

I walk inside my home eager to sleep,  but as I took in the sight of my messy home,  the unwashed dishes pile up in the dishwasher, clothes thrown everywhere in the living room, sleep is the last thing I will be doing. Mom must have been too busy to clean up the place. I sign and pick up discarded clothes all the way to my room.

For the next hour, I scrub the floor, clean the kitchen, and wash the clothes. When it's finally over my neck and back felt sore from all the bending and scrubbing. Mom texted me saying she'll come home late because she's stuck with her work. As for dad, he never told me things. I decided to cook dinner and began peeling potatoes after cooking the rice in the rice cooker. As I was busy peeling, listening to music in Spotify I heard the door knocking.

It's almost 6 pm now and I felt a little uneasy opening the door, I knew it's not my parents because they would never knock in their own house. With the knives in my hand, I cautiously walk towards the door and open the door revealing two older men whom I have met. "Hey girl, is your dad home?" The taller one asks raking his eyes up and down my body. I tried hard not to squirm at his gaze. I suddenly felt nauseous with fear just by their looks. 

My grip on the knife tightens and look at them with distaste and hatred evident in my face. 

They only smirk at me. "Yes, he's up there, let me call him, " I said and slammed the door hard locking it. I run up to my room in fear locking every windows and door. My mind is ringing with a warning, I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. My fear heightened when the knocking continues rapidly. I search for my phone hurting my hand in the process, forgetting the knife in my hand. I get under my bed and call my mom but she never picks up. I try my dad too but it's turn off. I felt so helpless but the door keeps on knocking and even shouting my dad name. My hand is bleeding but I could care less, I kept trying parents phone but they never pick up. 

After what felt like for an hour, the knocking stop and I are left alone feeling dejected. I realised our debt is the problem I was scared out of my mind today. I want to scream at my parents for everything but I knew I couldn't do that. I crawl my way out slowly hissing at the cut in my hand, the blood in my palm almost dried. I smile sardonically at the situation and walks out of my room trudging down the steps not lifting my head up.

I almost fall if not for arms encircle around my waist keeping me steady. I scream hitting the person closing my eyes, too scared to open it. 

The person keeps on blocking my attempt to hit him and shout at me. 


I froze when I hear the familiar voice I have known my whole life. I open my eyes only to be met with the familiar set if brown eyes. 



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I like your story line and I'm waiting to see what happens next
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