(12)Rude guy with cute face

The smell of the strawberry shampoo enters my nostrils as water drips down my body. The cold water someone soothes my body and mind, although it is chilly outside and I am likely to catch a cold from standing under the cold water for almost an hour, I don't have the will to step away. My mind can never rest from all the thoughts I've conjured up, I could never understand why my parents never contacted me nor why Liam refuses to say anything.

I walk out of the shower only when my feet began to itch from the coldness, I dress warmly in a beanie on my head, a dark maroon scarf and my blue jeans pair my favourite blazer. Anywhere away from the house is a blessing.

I waited for Aunt Ruth in the living room playing with my long strand of hair mindlessly. She promises me to drop me off in the first day, I look up when I hear oddly familiar footsteps walking my way, my eyes met with Brown pair of tired eyes, dark circles around his eyes, I look away before I get lost in his eyes.

"Hey" I ru
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