Chapter 3


Test and exams requires an all round seriousness from students, so Crown Top University students were not left out. 

I had BCH 201 this morning and I was paired with a lady but she looked so much like the lady I helped in that class. 

I decided to talk to her after the test but little did I know that she would beat me to it. 

"Hy, " She greeted 

"Hello," I replied smiling 

"Am Tara Banks," She said nervously 

"Am Eric Olaosebikan," I replied with a wink 

"Wow, you mean you are the guy that saved me in that BCH class?" She squealed..."I didn't even get to thank you since you disappear from the class. So thank you so much," She said smiling 

"Yeah, am the one. I didn't disappear nah, the class was over, remember? And besides, I don't like seeing a beautiful princess in distress, that was the reason why I helped you that day," I said 

There was an awkward silence between the two of us. But as I wanted to break it, her friend called her name. 

"Hmm...Eric, I have to go now, that was my bestie calling my name and thank you once again," She said smiling 

"Okay Tara, I guess I will be seeing more of those smiles right? And do have a nice day," I said with a wink 

"Yeah and you too." She said shyly 

So that lady was her best friend. I do see her whenever she comes to our lodge to greet her boyfriend. I left the spot to go meet my friends. 


"Cassie watssup," I said immediately I got to where she was

"Am fine babe, how was your test?" She asked 

"Fine dear and yours?" I asked 

"It was okay, but wait oh, wasn't that Eric you were talking to over there?" She asked 

"Yeah, he was the one and he was fun to talk with," I replied her smiling 

"No wonder you were this happy," She said 

"Ouch...Cas that hurts," I said feigning hurt..."Am I not always happy?" I asked 

"Smiles... You are o," She replied smiling..."But Tara, ever since you told me about your crush for him, I had made some research on him," She said with a serious tone 

"So what did you find about him?" I asked

"You see, according to my research on him, Eric is not the loyal type. He do play ladies like football. He had hurt many girls on this campus," She said 

"Cas, but you know people do change," I said 

"Yes I know but Omotara, am scared you will get your heart broken in the process," She said worriedly 

"See babes, I know you are trying to look out for me but he will change with time. And besides, is not like he had feelings for me, am the only one with the crush feelings and with time it will fade," I said reassuring her 

"Okay love, have heard you," She said finally 

"Yeah babe. Let's go to our room, I want to sleep before preparing for tomorrow's test," I said 

"Okay dear, same here also." She said finally 

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