Chapter 4


Ever since Tara and I met at that test hall, we had been good friends. She was so fun to be with. I really did enjoyed her company. 

Apart from being a great listener, she was so caring, humble, loving and kind. Her thoughts always find a way to creep into my mind. 

She was the only one occupying my brain to the extent that I couldn't see or think about any lady. You see am not the loyal type. 

I have played alot of ladies in Crown Top to the extent that I had lost counts. But ever since I met Tara, I couldn't think about any lady. 

I have never felt this way before to any lady because the feelings I felt whenever am with Tara was so refreshing, cool that I didn't know how to describe it. 

And all this prompt me to ask her out since it was already seven months we met. I had made all the necessary preparations before I called her. 

"Hello Angel," I said smiling 

"Hy dear, watssup," She said at the other end with that her tiny voice 

"Am okay dear. I called to ask whether you are free at the moment," I said nervously 

"Yeah, am free. Hope no problem?" She asked 

"Not at all dear, just want to ask you out on a date,"

"Okay, am in," 

"Yeah, pick you up by 7pm," I said 

"Okay dear, will be expecting you." She said finally while the call disconnected 


Yayy... He finally asked me out on a date. Wow, this is the first time going out with him for the past seven months. I wonder what he want to tell me. 

OMG!, am freaking excited. I don't even know what to wear. I called Cassandra to come over. 

"Bestie," I said as soon as the call connected 

"How are you baby," She said at the other end 

"Am okay. Please can you come over to choose what I can wear, Eric asked me out on a date," 

"Wow, that is nice. Am coming right away,"

"Thanks bestie." I said finally 

Cassandra arrived at my room five minutes later. Did I tell you we stay close to each other. Yeah, our rooms are beside each other. That explains why she could come within that space of time. 

After ransacking all the clothes in my wardrobe, we finally settled for a red strapless bodycon dress that stopped some length above my knee. 

She applied little makeup on my face because am not use to heavy makeup. She also packed my hair into two buns and styled my edges.

I matched my outfit with a pair silver sandal and silver purse. I looked at the mirror and wow at my new self. 

It was some minutes to seven that Eric called to inform me that he was outside. 

"Bye Cas and take care," I said

"Okay love, have fun," She said 

"Yeah I will." I said smiling 

I left my room and met Eric outside where he parked his car. 

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