Chapter 5


"Sexy Omotara." Eric teased as soon as he opened the door 

I didn't replied to it, I just smile. 

"My One and only hot sexy Omotara," He said again

"This guy flirting is not from this planet." I thought 

"Handsome Mr Olaosebikan, how is it doing you?" I asked 

"It is doing me Gbisgbis," He said laughing 

"Mr Gbisgbis, abeg e don do(It is enough), where are we going?" I asked smiling 

"Chillax(relax), you will soon know." He said finally 

We arrived there thirty minutes later. Wow, it is Elegushi beach. He had arranged the place so perfectly. 

With the candles that light the table, variety of foods and drinks coupled with rose flowers on the table made it so romantic like those romantic clich√© movies. 

"Wow, Eric, this is so lovely and sweet," I said smiling 

"Am glad you love it," He said 

"Yeah, I really love it," I replied smiling 

"Let's settle down to eat." He said with a wink 

Immediately we finished eating, he asked me to look at something behind me. I did as he said but the scene I saw really marveled me. 

It was very beautiful, sweet and romantic and am very sure the memories would linger in my heart for so long.

I was so happy and I looked back at him only to meet him kneeling with one leg and holding a ring. Then the instrumentalist were playing "I Need You by Marc Anthony"


"Tara, there is this thing I have been meaning to tell you but am scared to because am unsure of what your reaction will be, what your reply will be and the effect it might have on our friendship.

It all started from the BCH class but as day goes all my imagination, what I picture of you happens to be the exact.

And I have come to learn that you are not those type of girls that flung themselves at me because of my father's wealth.

What am trying to say in essence is that, there is a way I feel about you, I should have spill it out but I lack the courage to do so and right now it's consuming me because it's overwhelming and seems totally beyond me.

I have try defining the feeling in different ways and I have no better way of saying it than I love you. WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND Omotara Evelyn Banks." I said finally as I await her response 

"Yes.... Yes baby, I will be your Girlfriend, Olaitan Eric Olaosebikan." She said amidst sobs.

She said YES to me finally. I was so happy and excited.

"Thank you so much for giving me a chance in your life and I promise not to break your heart," I said after sliding the ring in her finger.

"OK love, I count on your words." She said 

I stood up and kissed her slowly. Kisses full of passion, lust, love, anything you could name it but was cut short when she broke the kiss. 

"Why did you break the kiss?" I asked her but she smiled shyly

"Na you sabi, I know I will get to kiss those lips more often," I said with a wink

"For your dreams abi," She said with a naughty smile 

"That is my naughty baby... Come to daddy," I said smiling 

By now, we were already sitted at the bank of the beach

"See this one o... Who is the daddy," She said 

"Me abi," I tickled her until she asked me to stop

"I love you Eve," I said cupping her cheek

"Eve... I like the sound of it... I love you too Erry." She said with a smile



Eric had been a good boyfriend ever since we started dating. He was so loving, caring and understanding. He pampered me to the extent that every saturday is our shopping day. 

With him, I forgot all my sorrows, pains and problems. He ruled my world. He would grant me listening ears whenever I needed someone to talk to. Apart from Cassandra, he was my gist partner, my number fan. My world revolved around him.

If not that I heard about his past from Cas, I would have said it was all lies because Eric had changed. Though Cassandra still had some doubts about him, but there was nothing she could do. She had to respect where my happiness lies no matter how hard it is. That was the sister's code and she couldn't break it. 

Apart from my parents, Eric was my second true love. But now am scared, my insecurities were overpowering me. The problem was, his finals are approaching and am scared he would leave me when he graduate.

(Phone rings)

"Babes watssup." I greeted Cas on the phone 

"Am good and you?" She replied at the other end

"Am fine, how is mum, dad and that cute Delvin?" I asked her

"They are all fine, even twinny is here with me right now. Mind talking to him?" She asked me

"No, I don't." I replied her 

"Ok, let me pass the the phone to him." She said

"Hy Tara." Her twin brother, Delvin said 

"Oh Delvin, how are you doing?" I said smiling 

"Have been ok. What about you?" He asked me

"Same here also. And please release Cassandra on time, school is boring without her." I said 

"My stubborn twin sister did not want to leave her parents yet." He said finally

"Really, let me hear from her then." I said

"OK, I will pass the phone to her. Talk to you later dear." He said

"Cassandra, when are you coming back, I have missed you so much." I said smiling 

"Me too babe, I will be back on Monday." She said 

"Ok love. Say hi to mum and dad for me." I told her

"Yeah I will, take care sweet." She said finally 

"Alright and you too." I replied her 


Dating Omotara had brought peace of mind to my life. Her love paved way for happiness, joy, success and prosperity in my life. Just because of her, I would surf the internet on how to make a lady happy.

She had proven to be not only a beauty but a lady with good character. I took her out almost every weekends and showered her with numerous gifts even though she complained the gifts were too much. 

With Omotara, I learnt that love wasn't all about money but about happiness, trust and mutual understanding. She would accompany me to the library and wake me up in the night to read. She was my gist partner, I felt secured talking to her. I never knew what true love was until I met her. But am scared of losing her.

My finals and graduation are approaching. Not like I don't trust her but I don't trust my parents because my dad said that his friend's daughter was betrothed to me. Though I told him am not interested but he wouldn't fail to remind me about it. I haven't tell Tara yet because I want to do my possible best to convince my dad that I don't love his friend's daughter.

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