Chapter 6


It was a sunny saturday and I was bored in my room. I couldn't call Eric because he had to prepare for his monday's paper. It was a tradition in Crown Top University for all her finalist to have their exams a month before all other students. 

Come to think of it, I haven't had an heart-to-heart discussion with him. I don't even know how to table it. I grabbed my laptop and phone and head to Cassandra's room. I knocked while she opened the door.

"Baby." She greeted me

"Cassie, watssup." I greeted back 

"Am fine and why is your face so gloomy?" She asked 

"It is Eric o." I said

"What about him or did you both quarrel?" She asked with concern 

"No o. You know his finals will be over next week and I don't even know how to bring up my insecurities issue." I said sadly

"Oh that, why don't you ask him on their final year dinner night like call him aside and tell him all about your insecurities." She said 

"That is a great idea, thanks so much love." I said happily 

"Anything for you B." She said 

"Yeah, someone even nominated us for the Best Couple of the Year award." I said 

"Awwnn..Love in the air." She cooed

"Leave me alone joor." I said laughing 

"I hope you guys win it." She said 

"Amen o, who doesn't want to be the spotlight of the campus." I said 

"No one o, my sister but it should always be a good spotlight." She said finally 

"Yeah babe. I have some new movies on my laptop, care to watch?" I asked smiling

"Are you asking me that? Shift let me watch jare." She said 

"Cassandra for the movie." I said laughing


Finals started last week. I was so happy because in few days time, I will be a graduate. No more semesters or sessions. I was so happy and grateful to God. 

Library had been my second home ever since my exams started. As soon as I left the chapel, I went to the library to read. Then I remembered I had to tell Eve something. I picked up my phone to call her because I might not have the time again.

"Sugar pie." I said

"Diamond, how are u doing" She said at the other end 

"Am fine love, what about you?" I asked her

"Am doing great. Happy Sunday handsome." She said 

"Wish you the same beautiful." I said smiling 

"Hope reading is not too stressful?" She asked

"It is o, but what can I do?" I asked 

"Nothing love, don't worry your efforts won't be in vain." She prayed 

"Amen love. I called to ask you to be my date on the final year dinner party." I said finally 

"Yayy... Am in, love. What is the theme?" She asked happily 

"Blue and Gold." I replied her

"Wow, nice combo. Anyways let me release you on time to continue reading." She said finally 

"Thanks for your consideration." I said smiling 

"Anything for you sweet." She said 

"Ok take care of yourself. I love you and missed you." I said

"I love you more and more baby plus I missed you plenty." She said 

"Kisses." I said smiling 

"Awwnn... I catch it." She cooed 

"Baby, hang up the call." I said 

"You hang up." 

"Ok let's hang up together at the count of three." I said finally 

"1, 2, 3" We both counted.... Hang up



The day everyone awaited finally arrived within a twinkle of an eye. The final year dinner party for all finalists of Crown Top University. 

Earlier on today, Eric had called to inform me that he would pick me up by 7pm since the party would start by 7:30pm.

Cassandra and I did our makeup and wore our dinner gown. Both dinner gowns were glistening ball gown. Mine was golden while Cas own was blue. Having done all the necessary things, here we are in my room waiting for Eric.

(Phone rings: Mi Amor‚̧)

"Baby," I said 

"Love, am outside your lodge." He said at the other end

"Ok dear, we are coming." I said while I hung up the call

We entered the car and drove to the school event hall. Crown Top event hall was built at the outskirt of the school and can occupy 3000 guests.

The revenue generated from the hall was very exorbitant because outsiders booked the hall almost every weekends for varieties of occasions. 

We arrived there fifteen minutes later. Wow, the hall was super beautiful with the blue and gold decorations, kudos to the event planners. The red carpet session was ok. 

Eric led the way to the VIP session where our table was. It was when we entered the hall, that I got to see my boyfriend's outfit.

He looked incredibly handsome and hot in the blue turtle neck inner shirt and golden suit with the blue shoe he wore. The party started an hour later. Nigerians and African time.


I was so happy that my own final year dinner party was being held today. Journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, so they says. No more lecturers problem, no more assignments and exams. 

I picked my girlfriend and her friend at their lodge and head to the school event hall. The event hall was beautifully decorated, thanks to the social welfare committees.

We entered the hall but the first thing my eyes landed upon was Eve outfit. She looked extraordinarily hot, beautiful and gorgeous in the golden dinner gown she wore. 

Barely an hour to the program, she called me outside for some discussion. Ladies and discussion sha.

"You look beautiful and gorgeous tonight." I said smiling

"Awnn thanks my love. You aren't looking bad either." She said blushing 

"You welcome Sweet. So what is disturbing my queen?" I asked 

"I don't even know how to table it." She said feeling nervous 

"Just start it anywhere, you know how much I hate someone keeping me in suspense." I said

"Ok. Ola now that you are graduating, what will be my fate?" She asked

"Babes why are you talking like this nah, I already have plans for us which have told you already. Just two more years Love and we will be a couple, so please wait for me " I replied her with a reassuring smile 

"Aahh, aahh... You know I will surely wait for you Sweetheart." She said finally


They arrived in time inside the hall as the organizers were distributing the award. 

"And the Best Couple of the Year Award goes to Mr. Olaitan Eric Olaosebikan and Miss. Omotara Evelyn Banks"

They left their seat with some couple of friends to the stage followed by a round of applause. They looked at each other, smiled and kissed.

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