Chapter 7

                   Seven Years Later


"What sort of friend am I." I asked myself as I thought about my best friend Cassandra, Cas for short. 

She is very beautiful, a definition of the melanin goddess. We clicked at a friend's party during my fresh man year in the uni. How we met will be a story for another day.

My bestie went on a date yesterday and I haven't called her.

The ringing of my phone brought me out of my thoughts. She is the one calling.

(Phone rings:XOXO❤❤) talk of the devil

"Babe watssup" Cas said

"I dey o(Am fine)." I replied her

"You no go work ni(You didn't go to work)?" she asked me

"I dey off duty jawe(Am on off duty)...sorry I couldn't call you since yesterday; how was your date?" I asked her

"God mehn, the date was so fantastic, the guy was so cool and acted gentlemanly." she replied 

"Awwn....Awwnn.. I go love o," I cooed

"Abeg free me jare(Leave me alone), he has not even asked me out." she said jokingly 

"Continue saying that o, don't you know he already has feelings for you," I said more like a question

"Abeg I don hear you o(I have you)... But Tara don't you think is high time you give a man another chance in your heart." she said with seriousness

"Hmmm... Babes but you know he asked me to wait for him," I said 

"I know, but is five years already, you need to move on my sister." She said finally

"OK o, have heard u (Door bell rings)... I need to go now, someone is at the door " I told her 

"Okay love, later babe,"

"Bye B." 

(Opens the door)

"Mom!.. How are you doing ma?" I asked her

"Oko mi(my dearest), how are you doing?" Mum asked

"Mom am fine....But where are you coming from all dressed up like this?" I asked her 

"Am coming from my friend's daughter wedding ceremony, " she said

"Oh ok, which of your friends again this time?" I said her because she is party freak

"You will know her, Mrs Cokers," Mom said 

"Oh the same Mrs Cokers that her husband works in AIT abi?" I asked again 

"Yes my daughter...the wedding was so interesting ęhn...all the men of timbre and calibre was there. I swear, the wedding scream money." She said finally

"Mum what did you is Daddy?" I asked her 

"He is fine my baby. But Omotara don't you think is high time you bring a man home, you are not getting any younger," she said with a tone of seriousness

"Here we go again." I thought to myself

"I will mum, very soon. What did you want me to prepare for you?" I asked trying to end the subject of discussion 

"Anything you cook will do my baby." she said

As I walked to the kitchen, I couldn't help but smile at what my mom said earlier the other time..... All this Nigerian mothers sef.

I looked at the necklace on my neck with the heart shaped pendant, and smiled sadly.... I didn't know when I blurted out 

"Hey Idiot when will you come back"



Being a domestic violence nurse could be very stressful at times but it also has its own benefit. You tends to meet different people all the time. 

I wonder why some men behave like animal sometimes. The last case brought to my table was so disheartening.

I couldn't help but think about it. The man would beat his wife blue and black and later rape her... Gosh who does that. The lady was so depressed when she came to my office, I had to direct her to my charity organization for better care. 

Yeah apart from my modelling and nursing career, I also run a charity organization for domestic violence. My ringing tone jolts me out of my thought....seems like is my manager calling....

"Hy Manager," I said teasing him 

"Watssup Babe....have told you to stop this manager teasing stuff," he said 

" not lying nah, are you not managing me very well?" I couldn't help but laugh 

"Yeah I am but it would had been better, if you allowed me to mange the other side of you very well." He said emphasizing the last part

"Alex nah, please let's not go to that discussion today." I said knowing where the discussion will lead to.

"Okay babe. Anyways I called to inform you that you have been chosen to be the brand ambassador of Best Global Petrochemical Ltd," He said 

"Yay; are you seriously serious about it?" I asked him

"Yeah babe, your contract with them start in the next three month.... Congratulations baby." He said finally 

"Awnn...Awnn....thanks so much dear. Am so happy right now," I said with so much excitement 

"Anything for you babe.... I have to go now, will talk to you later.  Bye." He said

"Bye and take care of yourself." I said while I hung up the call 

Yeah, that is Alexander Badmus. My one hell stubborn manager. We clicked at an audition held for models three years ago. 

Being an upcoming, which I was then, he offered to be my manager and I accepted the offer right away.

Apart from being my manager, he had been a supportive, caring and a loyal friend. 

But something happened last year, when we went for a photoshoot at Santorini(Greece).....


"Alex what is so special about this sunset that everyone came to look at?" I asked 

"Babe chillax, you will soon know." he said reassuredly

"Wow, this is very beautiful, I wished am staying here to be able to see the sunset everyday," I said

"I told you... But you know watching you is more beautiful than this sunset.... Because you glow even without a sun. You are the dream woman of every guy. And you wouldn't blame me if I said am already in love with you." Alex said finally 

"Gosh.... I can't believe it," I said not knowing what to say

"Yeah I know you wouldn't want to. But babe believe me, I really love you and I wouldn't mind you being my girlfriend. I love you to the extent that you are the only one that comes to my mind day-in-day-out." He said finally

"Alex, I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings because am not ready for a relationship right now. You are a great guy and every lady will want to have you as their husband but am so sorry I can't accept your proposal." I said though I felt sorry for him but there is nothing I could do

"Okay babe... I won't force you but I won't also give up on you." He said with a tone of finality.

           (End of flashback )

But ever since then, he never ceased to showed me how much he loves and care for me with every opportunity he got. 

Wow am the brand ambassador of Best Global Petrochemical Ltd. But the name rings a bell. 

"Could it be that he is back in Nigeria?"

No it can't be.... He can't be in Nigeria without reaching out to me. 

"But Tara is being seven years already." My subconscious told me. 

I quickly brushed the thought aside and hope it is not true.

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