Chapter 14



I was so angry at Anabelle but I had to conceal it from Tara so that it would not ruin our lunch date. 

After the date, I dropped her at the foundation and drove to my father's mansion instead of going back to the company....

I hoped and prayed that he would be at home. 

I arrived there some hours later and drove into the compound, his car was there. 

"Thank goodness, he is at home." I thought to myself

I pressed the door bell and nanny Mercy opened the door.

Nanny Mercy had been my nanny since childhood. She was like a mother figure to me ever since I lost my mother and I love and cherish her. 

Rumour had it that her step-mother cast a spell on her which cause her inability to get any suitors not to talk of getting married.

"Oh, nanny, good afternoon," I greeted smiling&nb

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