Chapter 17


As soon as Eric untied Tara from the chair, Anabelle appeared. 

"Wow, look who we have here, Mr lover boy," She said pointing the gun at Tara

"Anabelle, please drop the gun," Eric plead

"And why should I drop it?" She fired back.... "Now that you are here, I finally thought of something. Making Tara suffer by watching me kill you first will be best before killing her," She said smiling mischievously as she pointed the gun at Eric 

"Anabelle, please don't do anything to Eric, am the one you had business with, leave him out of this," Tara said weakly 

Anabelle's laughter filled the whole room as Tara begged her 

"The witch can still talk," She said still laughing 

"Anna, please don't pull the trigger," Eric begged 

But it was too late, as she pulled the trigger. Eric clo

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