Chapter 22

A/N: This chapter will be only in Tara's POV. And most of the songs are Nigerian music so apologies to my non Nigerian readers.

We arrived at Caritas event centre some minutes later. The event hall was decorated with wine colour and some mixture of champagne gold and white.

The venue screamed money and that have always been my dream since I was young. To find my Prince Charming, get married in an expensive way and live happily ever after.

I smiled at the childish thought as I alighted from the vehicle that conveyed my husband and I. 

"This is the time we have all been waiting for," The MC voice blast from the sound system 

The bridal trains were all inside the hall, excluding Eric and I, waiting for the grand entrance. I was so nervous and I couldn't help looking at Eric. He gave me a light kiss and a reassuring smile. 

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