Fifty Three

Skylar's POV

"So," I started. "That last metal disc is supposedly the only way to open those underground vaults."

It was somewhere past noon right now and the train station was almost brimming with people. I could see the dense crowd from the window beside me; both Caden and I already seated inside the train. I had traveled to Philly before, to see Dad when he was in the hospital, but Mom still hadn't been willing to let me go.

It had taken me hours to actually persuade her.

"Yes." Caden glanced at me and I noticed his stiffened posture beside me. "The red crystal is said to be in there somewhere."

I looked away from his face, settling my gaze at the window once again. "What if those vaults don't even exist anymore?" If they were centuries-old, what guarantee did we have that they were even...intact?

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