Chapter 10

Don't worry, its not a date. " Irish said as she saw the wide eyes go wide.

Aaron was disappointed at the sentence, cause he wants a date.

" Weren't you supposed to party tonight? "Aaron asked instead, the pup in his arms already making a fuss about going in the arms of the omega. Irish took him in her arms before replying.

" Party was boring and are you gonna move aside to let me in. " Irish said and didn't even wait for the Alpha's answer; she was already inside of the older's apartment.

" Go get ready. I am starving. " Irish whined, and the Alpha directly went to get ready cause he was planning to make ins
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jackqueline fontanes
So far so good a little expensive. It has a lot of misspelling like when they speak about the pup. So confused is the pup a he or she

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