Chapter four

Trigger warning ⚠️


I clenched my fists, trying to control the anger brewing inside of me. Michael has made me feel so insecure about my body, for as long as I can remember. I am never strong enough to defend myself; I let his words affect me. My level of courage and self-confidence is equal to zero. Pathetic, I sighed, leaning against the wall of the female restroom. 

Deciding to get the hell out of here, before I drown in my self-pity. I turned to leave, only to crash into a hard chest. I looked up to see Micheal smirking down at me. When did he get here? I thought to myself.

"Micheal, what are you doing here? It's called female restroom for a reason," I said trying to calm down my racing heart. He said nothing, only stalked closer to me. With every step he took, I took one backward. This continued until I was trapped between both him and the wall, with no way to escape. In a span of seconds, my back was pressed against the wall, with both his hands holding mine against the wall. Shit

"Look at you, trapped in here with me, so helpless, just the way I like it, " He purred, obviously pleased at the turn of events. At this point, my heart was going to burst out of my chest in fear.

"Michael, you are obviously drunk. Let me go and we will talk about this when you are sober." Trying to reason with a drunk Michael was an impossible task, I was so nervous about what he was planning on doing. Totally dismissing what I said, he started trailing kisses on my neck. His breath felt hot against my neck, making me freeze in fear.

"Micheal, stop!" I struggled, trying to free my hands from his hold. He only held my wrists tighter, then transferred both of my hands into one of his. He started running his free hand up the slit of my dress, sending shivers down my spine, not in a good way. When I realized that I couldn't fight him off, I began pleading to him.

"Micheal please, you don't want to do this, " I begged, trying to reason with him. His hand was getting dangerously close to my underwear. Tears of anger and frustration started running down my cheeks, as he had succeeded in completely pulling up my dress.

"Yes I do, for two years I have you denying me of what is rightfully mine, " he said as he tried to take off my panties. Once I saw an opening, I kneed him on the crotch then tried to escape as he bent to cup himself. He recovered quickly and ran after me, slamming the door shut before I could get to it. He grabbed me by the waist, then slammed me to the ground, hitching my dress up to my waist. As I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down, I screamed loudly, trashing under him. 

I felt so helpless and scared, I can't believe that I would lose my virginity this way, in a restroom and by Michael.

"You can't get a girl to willingly sleep with you, so you have to take her by for...." I started saying harshly, with tears running down my face but was cut off, by a slap to my face that made my ears ring, I can already feel the bruise forming.

"Shut up, you are such a selfish bitch, who cares only about yourself, you should be grateful that I want to fuck someone like you," He sneered harshly into my face. My current wish was that a miracle would happen. My brothers must have noticed my absence by now, why is no one coming?

I let out a blood curling scream when my panties were removed, pounding my fists on his back. Sobbing harder, as I felt him close to my entrance, I was losing all hope that someone would come.

"Micheal please, stop!" My voice was hoarse with tears. I looked into his eyes, silently pleading for him to stop, but he was far too gone in his lust haze, to realize what he was doing.

"What the hell is going on? " A deep masculine voice boomed. I looked up surprised to see Dante Perez staring at Michael with an unreadable look on his face. 

"Look, man, it's none of your business, just walk away," Micheal said still on top of me.

"Please help me," I cried out, trying to push Micheal off me. Dante's cold grey eyes met my pleading hazel orbs. "It looks like the lady doesn't want to be under you, so unhand her. "

"What happens between my girlfriend and me, is none of your business, get out! " And drunk Michael is also stupid, he doesn't realize who he's talking to. I guess the last two words pissed Dante off. Before I knew it, he lunged at Michael throwing punches at him, with the latter trying his drunken best to block the hits. 

I crawled to the side of the bathroom, pulled my legs up to my chest crying softly. My hands were shaking uncontrollably, as I realized how close to getting raped I was. Dante finally released a battered and bruised Michael, after beating him to a pulp. He walked towards me, I held my legs tightly to my chest, slowly rocking myself back and forth. 

"Don't be scared, you are safe now." I gazed into the grey eyes of my Savior, opening my mouth to thank him, but no words would come out of my mouth. My throat felt like sandpaper, from all the screaming and crying I've done.

"It's fine, you don't have to say anything," He said, understanding my unspoken words. I looked at Micheal's unmoving body.

"Will he be alright?" I asked, finally finding my voice.

"The fucker is still alive, unfortunately." For a split second, he had a disappointed look on his face, but it went away so fast, that I wonder if I imagined it. Was he disappointed that Michael was still alive? 

"Who is your Dad?"

"Jonathan Williams." 

"Let's go out through the back, I will call my driver to bring the car around," he said while taking out his phone to call his driver. I stood up slowly, feeling my legs shake as I leaned against the wall. I was so exhausted, mentally, and physically and my legs felt like jello.

"Can you walk?" he asked, probably noticing that I was finding it difficult to get my legs to cooperate.

"I think so," I tell him. We walked towards the back exit, a black sports car that screamed expensive was parked outside. He told me to get in, then sent his driver to get my parents.

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