Little Attack

Sacha's POV 

"Sacha, you have that look in your eyes. Don't do anything crazy," Josh cautioned. 

"Josh, I just found out I've been best friends with a snake. A cobra that's spitting venom on my life to tarnish me. What have I ever done to Remy to deserve this betrayal AGAIN?" I lashed out. 

I shouldn't be taking my anger out on Josh. He didn't deserve it but I was hormonal and I wanted Remy's head on a platter. 

"I understand your pain. She's the cause for....." 

"She's the cause of everything falling apart from around me," I cut Josh off and finished. 

He nodded in agreement and sat down beside me on the couch. Remy would be home any minute now and I couldn't wait for her to walk through the door. 

We sat in silence until I heard the door being opened and Remy walked in. 

As if possessed, I heaved myself off

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