Fated to Marry the Devil
Fated to Marry the Devil
Author: Death Wish


(Joeff’s POV’s)

I keep on asking myself after I parked my car.

Before opening the door, I closed my eyes and asked myself once more…

Am I doing the right thing? Do I really have to be stubborn? Do I need to be disdainful? Tsk. 

This is my last chance to save my business and predominantly, my pride.

I don’t need their help either. Sigh. Thinking about my family fortunes. Tsk. I need to show them that I can do something better. 

That crap tradition! I hate it!

"Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them." 

It easily to give up right? Specially to this bulsh*t world, who judge you to what you have!

I picked up a violet folder and rolled catalan at the backseat. It is the blueprint.

This time I need a good luck. Yeah. I will give on my last alas for this project. This should work. If not, it would give a big shame on my family. No. Not at all to my family who's going to suffer in mortification. The problem here is my own family. They will humiliate me, mock me, belittle and treat as a doormat.

I belong to a family that has strong belief in good and bad fortune. Well, I guess, it’s because… Us, being half-Chinese has inherited the lineage traits of being competitive and business minded.

That's bulsh*t! 

Sigh. I have to fight. 

I hope this morning would be lucky enough for me. 

I gently open the door, sighed again as I went out. Still my mind ranging in thousand thougts about this day. When someone bulsh*t shout commanding me to... 

“Heeeyyyy!! Keep out of the way!”  before I could even turn, I felt her body bumped into mine, which caused us to knocked down on the floor.

“Oouchhh!” as I gather myself to unexpected things like this!

She was right on top of me.

“So-Sorry.” She immediately stood up while I still found myself sitting on the floor. Trying to cope my sight because my head hit the floor.

“Are you okay? I didn’t really mean to--." she was in panic. Then decided to pick the papers scattered on the floor.  I immediately get up as well.

“Here.” gives me the papers she collect.. “Sorry.” she added.

“Oh God! Will my misfortune start with this again?!  And, do I really have to receive sorry in return?! I am tired of it!”  Words I want to utter in this damn world! Sh*t!

“Sorry, I was really in a hur—.”

“Fu*ck!” Yes! This is really a f*cking day! 

I immediately noticed how shock she was.  Her face turn pailed. 

“I’m sorry.” She said once more giving the rolled catalan. I grab it with anger on my face. She bowed at me…

“I’m really sorry.” She apologized again before getting her skateboard. Turning her back to me. But I feel insulted when she faced me again.

“Sir, it is a good day to be mean! You wouldn’t really have blessing because of your attitude! Anyways, it’s your loss. I’m really sorry. Goodluck! Have a great day!” and giving me a damn sarcastic grin. That bitch really deserved my cursed a while ago. I don’t even feel a guilt! DAMN!

Have a great day? 

Wow. Tss! She already ruined my day!  Well, maybe she’s right! Wishing me good luck on my unfortunate day! Tsk!

I was about to leave when I saw a wristlet.. I picked it up. It was a lucky charm bracelet.

I guess it is hers. Looking on her direction.  Then my sight a while ago to her flash in my memory…

Her bright smile, full of positivity. Then I looked at the bracelet again…

This might be her lucky charm to avoid misfortune. Right?

Nothing would be gone if I would try to rely on luck of this thing. Not bad.


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