Chapter 4

Dry heaving by now since everything tangible that was in my stomach is now in the bowl in front of me. "Liam you won't be left alone with them nor will any of us allow them to touch you; I promise. We take care of our own and I always protect what is mine."

Snapping my head toward his in shock; surprised at his words yet unsure of the exact meaning as I am afraid that I'm reading into them wrong; "W-what?"

Sitting on my ass against the bathtub as Riley flushes the toilet for me before he turns to me, sitting on his heels of his feet where we stare at each other for a few seconds before he moves. Riley sits on his ass next to me before he pulls me to sit on the floor between his legs with my back resting against his firm and muscular chest.

Stiffening at this new position until I melt into his hold as he gently rubs my still aching belly, laying my head against his shoulder; relaxing some. "All of us protect each other at all costs, I also protect what is mine and you are mine; even though you don't realize it yet," he murmurs into my ear, his breath causing shivers to run across my body.

"I-I-I'm w-what?" I whisper trying to wrap my head around his words.

"You are mine Liam, you are my boy and you will be my boy forever," he whispers seductively into my ear as one of his hands slowly rubs up my arm as the other continues to rub my belly.

"W-w-what a-a-about J-j-julia, isn't s-she y-your g-g-girlfriend; w-won't s-she beu-upset?" I whisper biting my lip to contain my moans as his hands continue to assault my body above my waist.

Riley chuckles lowly as he helps me turn in his hold; having me straddle his thighs as I face him now; "Julia is my girl still; she wants you as part of our relationship too; she finds you as attractive as I do. She wants you to let us have a relationship with you."

Watching Riley's facial expressions the entire time he is speaking; trying to detect any hint of falseness in his words and finding none, which only brings up more questions from me. "W-why m-me, I-I'm n-nothing s-s-special?"

"You are very special Liam, even if you can't see it about yourself; we want you to be ours so will you?"

"Y-yes but y-you're g-going to b-become s-sick of me, I-I'm s-sure," I respond with me still in his hold.

Squeaking as I clamp my legs and arms around his body as he stands and I bury my face in his neck with a small smile as he walks us both into the living room and sits on one of the chairs. Cuddling into his warm body with a sigh of content as he rubs my back as we snuggle in silence as he makes me feel safe and warm; I'm almost lulled into sleep until a thought strikes me; "W-what w-will y-your f-f-friends t-think of t-this?"

"They'll be fine with us, I promise my little Phoenix," he assures me confidently.

"I have a few other things to discuss with you now that you've agreed to be ours."

"C-can we d-discuss t-them l-later, I-I'm s-s-sleepy and h-happy at t-the m-m-moment p-p-please?" I beg softly as I snuggle deeper into his hold.

"Sure little Phoenix, why don't you sleep for now and we will discuss this later," Riley promises as he reaches behind his head for the throw blanket and covers us both with it.

"T-thanks s-s-sir; n-night," I mumble as I drift off to my slumber; content.

Slowly drifting awake when I feel something or someone shift underneath me causing me to groggily wonder who or what it is as I become more aware of my surroundings; people are talking quietly around me as well that I am fully lying on top of Riley.

Softly moaning in blissful joy as I snuggle in his hold more as he carefully pulls me tighter into his hold; "Afternoon my little Phoenix; we need to talk now that everyone is here so I need you to sit up."

"Y-yes s-s-sir," I whisper doing as he asks as he has me shift in his hold to where my back is against his chest.

"Call me Riley in public and sir in the bedroom," he murmurs sexily into my ear.

"O-okay R-riley," I respond quietly.

"So as we discussed earlier, some of us will be with you when you have to see your parents," Riley reminds me and informs the others in the room who don't know.

Humming in response, Riley continues; "All of us in this room are members, Patch holders and hold positions in a motorcycle club called 'The Gray Rebel's."\

Jerking in surprise as I turn my head to look at him; "Y-you g-guys are in a-a g-g-gang?"

"No Liam, we're not a gang; we're a club, we strive to be good and productive members of society. We do volunteer work every month and hold fundraisers for different charities once a year. We also have 'prospects' who want to join as well as members who don't hold positions."

Everyone is silent as Riley speaks, even after he's finished; allowing me to absorb everything he has said; "A-am I a c-charity c-case f-for y-you g-guys?"

I'm afraid of the answer but yet I need to know; Riley's grip tightens around my waist; "No, you're not a charity case for us. Julia and I want you with us; all of us want you happy and healthy and to thrive and become whoever you want to become."

"W-when do I-I h-have to s-see m-my f-f-family?"

"Next Monday, so we are flying out Sunday and returning home Tuesday," Parker responds and I nod quickly at him.

"W-what d-does e-everyone do in t-this c-c-club and c-can I b-become a-a m-m-member?"

"Dad is the founder, I'm the president and Julia is my 'girl', as mum is dads; Harley is the vice president, Wyatt is the sergeant at arms, Parker is the road captain and my sister was the treasure. She has been removed of her position and we have to find a new one and Harper is the secretary," Riley explains to me.

"Yes, you can become a member but there are a few things you have to do first but you and I can discuss your options privately; first and foremost, Julia, myself and you are going out to dinner tonight," he smirks at me before he kisses my temple gently causing my face to flame from happiness and embarrassment from the PDA in front of everyone; all whom 'awe' at us. 

"Liam, you are to be ready for dinner tonight by 5 p.m.," Riley smirks as he kisses my forehead before exiting the room; leaving me flustered.

I couldn't even respond before he exited to I'm assuming to find Julia; leaving me a gaping, flustered mess. There are several laughs from behind me; turning around my face fires into a hot flaming mess when my eyes land on Amy, Phillip and Willow standing several feet behind me; even though Riley's sister is throwing me daggers with her eyes.

"You two are so damn adorable together," Amy squeals clapping her hands together once as she steps closer to me.

I swear my face is going to explode from the intense burning; "T-thanks, I-I-I g-g-guess, A-a-amy." 

Willow rolls her eyes at me as she scoffs loudly at me; instantly dropping my gaze, head and shoulders feeling overly insecure about myself and everything in general about me and my life; "M-m-may I g-g-go to a-a-another r-r-room?" I ask Phillip and Amy since I want to be away from Willow.

"No you may not," Phillip responds slightly irritated.

Tears spring into my eyes at his tone; dropping my chin to my chest as the tears roll down my cheeks in a silent cry as I am sure I've pissed Phillip off and he will make sure he tells Riley how he feels.

"Liam sit down," Phillip commands; his tone softer than before but still holds authority.

Instantly sitting on a chair still keeping my head and gaze down; avoiding their gazes as I wait for one of them to speak; "Liam, you're not in trouble; we just need to speak with you," Amy assures me as she sits on the end of the couch closest to me as she places a soft comforting hand on my knee squeezing softly.

"S-sure, m-m-ma'am," I murmur as I harshly wipe my face; trying to clear away the tears.

"Liam, look at me," Amy quietly commands.

Lifting my head slightly, just enough for Amy to see my eyes while meeting her gaze through my fringe; Amy smiles reassuringly at me and I return it with a small weak one of my own.

"We just wanted to clear the air between you and Willow since you are now a member of the family."

"I-I u-understand t-that s-s-she d-doesn't like me a-and s-s-she d-doesn't h-have to a-apologize f-f-for a-anything," I manage as I stare intently at her.

"Yes she does and she needs to be respectful since that is one of our rules for this club," Phillip states bluntly.

"I will not apologize to that stuttering mess; regardless of the rules or what either of you say," Willow interjects on a hiss.

Not even bothering to acknowledge any of them, I stand and head to 'my' room; yup just going to hang out here alone with the door locked until it is time to leave, if we're still going that is. Entering the bedroom, once I shut the door and locking it behind me before leaning heavily against the door with a heavy sigh; trying to weigh my current options. Option A is to stay here and hope for the best in everything, Option B is where I bail now and pray for the best and hope no one finds me. Option C is to allow myself to live with my grandparents and brothers.

Breathing heavily as fresh tears spill rapidly from my eyes as I'm conflicted as what I should do; making a rash decision, I pack two changes of clothing in a backpack that Parker bought me for school along with the small stash of cash that I had before I came here of eighty dollars; throwing both bags over my shoulders as I silently make my way to the window, sliding it open quietly before climbing out swiftly.

Once on the ledge, I carefully close the window before jumping the two feet down and sprinting through the woods toward the road; no I'm not going to travel on the road but alongside it from the woods until I can make my way to the bus station and decide where I'm going to go once at the station.

About thirty minutes later I arrive at the station and read over the location that are running today before making my way to the counter where the female worker is watching me curiously; "Where can forty dollars take me?"

Placing the money on the counter never breaking eye contact with her; "From San Diego you can travel as far as Casper, Wyoming," she responds still watching me carefully.

"I'll take a ticket there please," I respond sliding the cash to her while slightly proud of myself for not stuttering.

"How old are you kid?" she asks as she takes the cash, handing me a ticket.

"19 years old," I say grabbing the ticket off the counter before walking away and let something slip that wouldn't work in my favor.

Climbing onto the bus, sitting near the front and leaning against the window as I stare out the window as people come and go; yes, I'll miss Riley and Parker and the others but I cannot continue to stay there and tear apart their family.

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