82. Fero Changed Again

Fero's hand shook violently. His entire body was currently covered in blood. The woman he had just taken to the hospital was still being treated by the doctor.

I don't know how that person will be. It's just that at that time he was taken to the hospital. Cassandra was unconscious and repeatedly she kept having seizures. Fero thinks maybe Cassandra will soon lose her life. Because at this time the doctors and the team are still trying to recover from Cassandra.

Fero never thought that Cassandra would be this reckless even though Fero thought that Cassandra was just lying and pretending.

But earlier, with his own eyes. Fero could see that Cassandra was slicing her wrist until her veins were about to burst.

Cassandra's body turned pale and soon she was about to die. And at the same time, Fero's cell phone keeps ringing. There are calls that come in dozens to dozens of times.

Fero only glanced at it without any intention of picking up the phone.

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