Yuna rounded her mouth in disbelief after hearing her sister's words just now who really didn't care about her feelings anymore. Which arbitrarily said that he and Fero had returned together. Yet that is not true at all. Yuna had explained it many times. But it looks like his brother didn't listen to it and Malvin just kept making up stories that weren't true and of course that wasn't true. Really at this moment Yuna wanted to be very angry at her older brother who had a mouth that was never controlled. He didn't seem to care if Yuna was angry.

"Father, what really happened was not like that. Fero and I were not back together. But he was the one who invited me back with Dad. Even though I strongly refused. Besides, Fero and I didn't do anything either. There is CCTV in Fero's apartment if you don't believe me. You can see it in person. Me and him don't have any relationship. Dad, don't ever believe Malvin's mouth. He really likes to brag. Malvin... you bet
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