Hopes Yuna

Fero shed tears. She couldn't contain her feelings at this moment and she was so happy she couldn't help but show it. All of this is like a dream. Chico is his son and nothing will ever change that.

All the things that Fero had been dreaming of had succeeded in getting Fero at this time.

His guess had been right all along. He's never wrong

"Isn't it true? You've only been pretending. You shouldn't have done this. You almost made me almost crazy Yuna."

Fero gave a code for his subordinates to immediately untie Chico's body and that of course was immediately followed by all of Fero's men where they immediately rushed to untie the bonds and the next second Fero drew closer to Chico.

Yuna can breathe a sigh of relief because in the end fero didn't shoot Chico and it immediately made Yuna smile so big.

Nanum beyond expectations. Instead, Fero re-directed his shot at Chico and immediately pulled the tr

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