16. Protective Brother

"Drink first!" Dave opened a bottle of mineral water and immediately handed it to Yuna, who until now has not stopped crying.

Yuna took Dave's water and drank it all down.

"Thank you!" said Yuna who looked back out the car window. Her feelings haven't gotten any better. Her heart still hurts when she remembers how Fero and Cassandra kissed before her own eyes.

Even though he doesn't love her. But Yuna thought, Fero shouldn't be like that.

can't Fero have a little compassion for hers?

"You know now right? What are they doing behind your back? Like what I said earlier, I won't force you to let go of Fero. But think for yourself. can you face Fero's attitude that never respects you in your whole life?" Dave asked while looking at Yuna. "You are beautiful Yuna. A good girl is also very smart. Many men want to be your husband! Why are you actually lowering yourself by continuing to chase Fero?" Dave asked pitifully.

With a beautiful face that is

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