31. Dogs And Cats

"You have to eat a lot! To get well soon!" Dave fed Yuna who was currently sitting on the edge of the headboard.

Even though she opened her mouth to accept a bribe from Dave, Yuna's gaze had never left the person who was currently sleeping on the sofa wrapped in a thick blanket.

Yuna doubts that she is Meli. Considering that it was already noon and there was no way Meli would be lazy like that. surely if it was Meli, she would have woken up and taken care of all Yuna's needs.

Not even like now. Instead, Dave took care of everything.

"Good morning, Miss Yuna...," said Meli, who had just emerged from the main door carrying lots of plastic food.

Yuna was obviously surprised, because she saw Meli suddenly come. That means the person currently sleeping on the sofa is not Meli. And it was quite surprising for Yuna.

"Meli? If you just came from buying food. Then the man?" Yuna said while pointing at the person on the sofa.

Reflexes, Dave and

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