64. Not The Prettiest

"Good morning madam... I am Mr. Malvin's messenger who was assigned to pick up Mrs.'s car. Mr. Malvin said he would have agreed!" said a man who at this time came and told Cassandra of the purpose of her coming.

At least at this time there were about Three to five men wearing black uniforms. Which Cassandra believes to be Malvin's subordinate.

Cassandra knows very well that her future husband is very rich and has many servants. So he was not surprised that just to take the car, Malvin sent a lot of people.

Sometimes Cassandra can't wait to be the wife of Malvin. It's sure to be a lot of fun.

That's what Cassandra thinks at this moment.

"Hmm... my future husband has already told you that you will take the car! Here are the keys and the car is in the garage!" Cassandra said proudly. She threw the car keys at one of the men in front of him then pointed to the left where his garage was currently located.

Cassandra taste, it's great to be rich. S

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