1. Intro

This story starts out very simple. There is a girl, named Carmen. She's a senior in high school in Mexico.

She has friends. She has popularity. She has money. She is sweet, kind, caring. Basically, she's is a very innocent girl who everyone adores. Nothing special.

At least, then.

At home, she has a very different life. She lives with her father and mother. Her mother is one of her father's "servant".

Sure they're married, but her father messes with different woman everyday, and her mother was one of the victims. They only got married because she was the only woman who got pregnant with a child among every woman he has been with.

Carmen hated her father. She always wished to do something, but she knew she couldn't. She had no power against him.

She always wanted to scream whenever her mother was being forced to be used a as a table while her father rests his leg on her for hours while watching tv.

Or another time when she was accused of something she didn't dare do and was hit with a wine bottle.

And all Carmen could do was watch in silence and in vain.

Her step father doesn't lay a hand on her. "She's too small. " He would say. But he would hit her if she dared speak up to him.

He would beat her mother up every night as well, blaming and assaulting her for giving birth to a child.

But her mother...never did anything. Because he had money. And when he has money, Carmen wouldn't starve. And she would be happy. That was all the mattered to her mother.

Carmen would sit in the dark very night, blaming and crying about not being strong enough to defend her mother.

She had thought about running away, but that would hurt her mother even more. She had thought of killing herself, but that make her mother sad and lonely and no hope in life.

All the options were taken. Except for one.

It wasn't what she wanted, but she knew that was the only  solution possible.

Kill him.

Brian's POV


"You heard me Garcia. "

"There is no fucking way I'm doing it!"

"You are 17! "

"So what?!"

"You have to go to school. You won't get a job after your release."

"Then so be it." I slumped back on my chair.

"I don't need work." I mumbled.

"Garcia, your sentence was extended another year because of your little "stunt" last night. And you're already a college age. We have enrolled you in Clear Waters College."

"Wait, that sappy top college in Mexico?"


"Why the fuck would you-"

"Garcia, that brain of yours might be mentally sick to the head, but your body says otherwise. And! If you cooperate and behave for a year in the college, you can drop out the next year and do whatever you want."

"Why so nice?" I raised my eyebrow. The deal was too good to be true.

"That's what the government told me." He shrugged.

"No, I'm not going to college. It's just a waste of my time. I rather be cooped up in the cell."

I stood up and walked to the door.

"Wait- the- the shackles-"

"Those things? They were below level 1 of picking locks. I've delt with worse. "

I opened the door and walked out.

"Hey! You! Stop!" The guard behind me yelled.

"Did your mother give you a bad day? Chillax. I'm just goin to my cell. Wanna follow me?" I smiled at them.

They lowered their guns and walked with me all the way back.

"Get in there!" They urged.

"Jesus! Can you guys wait?! I'm taking my time!"

Oh I am taking my time alright..

Carmen's POV

Today's the first day of college! And after college, means work! I've gotta work hard!

The entire campus were surrounded by freshman students. Girls hanging around girls, boys hanging around boys. There's no doubt I could see where the popular people are.

That one table where both parties sat, and everyone away from that table.

That was fast.

"Caught your eye as well?"

I spun my head to see a girl with an AWESOME fashion sense coming up to me.

"You could say that. Who wouldn't anyway?"

She chuckled.

"Name's Kiara. "


"As in...the to-"

"Let's not mention that. It was nothing."

She nodded and we shook hands.

"So what do you think of this college? Facilities good!"

"I haven't got the chance to look around yet."

"You didn't come for open house?"

"Nah. Decided not to. Waste of time."

"Right. What department are you at?"

"The arts."

"What a luck! So am I!"

"Really? Phew, that's a relief. At least I've already made a friend on my first day!"


And that's how both of us became best friends.

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