"Are you one of the Lii's?"

"Aiden brought a girl to school in his carr"

She said excitement dripping from her.

I suddenly became nervous. "oh.... really?" I ask. "Yes the whole school is talking about it. It's the first time he got a girl to school in his car besides that Jessica ". Where I wanted to have a peaceful life in this new school and this guys got me into trouble in the second day itself. I should probably stay away from him. He is pure trouble for me.. I said to myself. "Hey Amara??" Rose snapped.

"Huh?" "oh sorry... so... did you saw who it was..the girl....with Aiden?" I asked curiously. "Nah no one saw her clearly but they say she is pretty" she squeezeled. Pretty? really? I should definitely stay away from that Aiden before something bad happens to me and I don't want any drama in my life. I started making plans on how to stay away from him from now on.

"okay let's go our class is going to start" Rose said. We started making our way to our class when suddenly Rose spoke up "so Amara do you like Aiden?".

I chocked......Does she know.... did she saw us coming together today.. oh no I shouldn't have lied wait.... she shouldn't know about it and What is she talking about? like? That weirdo aiden? "NO WAY!" I almost screamed. "oh okay haha you don't have to say that out so loud you know" she said laughing at my little stunt. My face slightly became red from embarrassment... No way in this life I am gonna like someone like that guy. He is too noisy and werid. I like a guy who is peaceful, Always cheered people with his smile and spreaded positivity all over. "Hey we are here what are you thinking about?" Rose flicked my head."oh nothing why did you ask that suddenly??" I asked "oh nothing I just thought that you guys would look good together never mind..stay away from him in the future he is trouble. let's go in before the teacher arrives" she said I nodded and we both went in.

It has been fifteen minutes of our first class and I can feel Someone's stare burning me. I slightly turned my head to see who it was and as predicted. It was Aiden that weirdo. He was looking at me well not looking he was staring..i give him that he is handsome and stuff but damn what does he want from me I haven't done anything to him than why is he after my peaceful life. I thought. "Amara" The teacher suddenly called out. "Huh? Yes sir" I got up from my seat to come face to face with our economy teacher. "What are you looking at Huh? Tell us too." the teacher asked looking around to see if there's anything exciting going on. "Erm.... it's nothing sir... I am sorry" I apologized. He narrowed his eyes at me "Answer how demand changes when there is increase in one's revenue." the teacher asked.

I took a deep breath "the income of a person increases when there is increase in one's revenue likewise if the income of a person is increased the person tends to increase his/her living standard which results in the increase in the demand of goods that person consumes" I answered with confidence.

"Very well! Sit down but don't ever pace out in my class from today or I'll give you detention" the teacher warned me. I sat down beside Rose who pulled me over and whispered "wow Amara you're amazing"

I smiled slightly "Thank you" I said and started concentrating on the class.


The bell rang indicating lunch time. I knew I have to let down Rose today. I can't continue to have her lunch. I didn't have any money on me but i shouldn't eat her lunch too so I said her that I am not feeling quite well and rushed to the washroom. I washed my face and signed. I can't refuse her always... I have to find a way to earn some money for myself. I think Rose can help me in that... I'll ask her later... I was thinking about it and returning to my class when suddenly someone close my mouth and pulled me inside a class room.

It was dark but I could smell that cologne and that spark... I knew that was Aiden. "ouch" Aiden screamed. "what are you? A dog?" he scolded as I bit his hand.  "why are you after me? What have I done to you... Leave me alone" I said it in a breath. He held my arms tight "You didn't answer me" he stated. "What? what are you talking about" I asked confused. "Do you belong to the Lii's??" he asked again totally annoyed. "And why do you think. I'll answer that" I replied with confidence. His gripped tightened and I knew that'll leave a bruse later "Ouch" I squeezeled.

His grip suddenly lighted and he left my arms... "I am sorry" He said.

I looked at him in his eyes confused why does he want to know that... I don't even know him. Why does he even care. I thought...

But I couldn't carry this on Orelse I'll be in deep trouble. The bullies from my previous school still haunt me. I can't be bullied here too.

"Yes I belong to the Lii's now will you please leave me alone" i shouted, pushed him away and ran away from that room. I didn't even bother to see if there was  anyone around or not. I ran and ran until I reached the bathroom and closed the door from inside. Because that was the only safe place I could think off where that guy couldn't get me.

Thankfully the last two classes were peaceful because that guy didn't come to the class and I could focus on my studies a little. But something was still bothering me... Why? why does he want to know that I am from the Lii's or not?!

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