Chapter 45

Akiandra's POV.

The last I remember is of pain, my life flashing before my eyes and him. Oh God, I said goodbye to him, believing that night was our last.

My Keith, he must be so worried, so broken, as I am away from him. Days have passed I believe, since they took me. Every piece of the puzzle was pieced together, the moment she walked into the dungeon I've been held in.

Nothing seemed to make sense whilst all I was surrounded by, was darkness. Then she walked in, with a determined, crazed look on her face. She had intention to cause me pain, anger seeped out of her and it was directed towards me.

I couldn't understand as to why she'd do this if Keith meant so much to her. Didn't she care about him? I had asked but her obsession with hurting me, seemed greater then the love she claimed to have for him.

I had no strength to do much because I was still in a bit of p

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