Chapter 58

My lips twitched into a smile as he trailed kisses up along my exposed back, awakening me from my sweet slumber.

He ascended up to the back of my neck, where he earned a low moan from me.

"Good morning my love." He whispers in my ear, nipping at the earlobe.

"Morning to you too, I should be mad at you right now."

" Why's that?"

" Well you just woke me up early in the morning and the sun is not even up." I tell him, rolling onto my back, pulling the sheet with me, so it covers my chest.

He hovers above me, arms on either side of my head.

" I love this sight."

My brows pull together.

"You in my bed, hair sprawled out on the pillow after we made love." He whispers the last part in my ear.

My cheeks warm up and I look away, only for him to tilt my head up again, so I'm facing him.


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