Angel's Work
Angel's Work
Author: Sky

Chapter 1 : PROLOGUE

"For the goodwill of heaven's council and by the votes of all fellow Angels, Laurent, is hereby relieved of his duties under the name of our lord, he has been exiled from the community of Angels and given the domain of fallen by the order of our lord. He may not hold any power over the godly actions taken by the Angels unless and until asked to do so. May lord give you his blessings." 

The announcer yelled out for everyone to hear. Laurent stood at the side clad in white, looking straight ahead, his yellow-green eyes cold as ice and hands wound behind his back like a soldier. His head held up, proud. 

He approached and bowed one last time to the almighty, he turned his back on his creator and left the council with no remorse. 

His heart had gone black and so did the world around him when he left his home in heaven and entered the world of fallen, of exiled. 

No one wanted to be here, no one but him. He felt blessed to rule over it and like his lord had said; anywhere can be a palace of our own if we put enough effort to make it so. He would make it a better place for the unwanted and make a home for himself. 

Laurent was a stubborn Angel and he would make an even better Fallen. 

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