Chapter 9 : The Popular Guy Is My Roommate!

"Where are you from?" I asked as he drove off back to the campus after out little lunch out. He was being tolerable now compared to what he was before and I could see our friendship blooming in the near future, that is if he doesn't go back to being the brooding black bean that he was when we first met. 

"Hell." He answered simply, I couldn't say wheather he was being sarcastic or he had actually sprouted from the darkest pit of hell. 

"Woah, really?" 


He didn't ask me anything but I didn't expect him to, from what I've known about him it was clear he was one of those who kept things to himself and didn't bother with others matters. 

With beautiful songs playing on the radio the ride back was nice, he was silent and so was I. It was a comfortable silence that enveloped us. Soon we reached our campus and I waited for him while he parked the car, it was surprising how

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