It’s been five years since the wedding. Five years since Colin and I had our Luna and Alpha ceremony. It was a beautiful day, until it wasn’t. We don’t talk about that day, our pack won’t mention it either.

Colin and I don’t celebrate our wedding day. The memories of what took place make it too difficult. Instead, we celebrate on the day that he proposed. That way we don’t have anything that can take away from our happiness.

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Omg. Not the ending I thought it was going to be. So sad and sweet all at the same time. I absolutely loved this book and the one before it. So sad they lost Luke, but he died for his Luna and his true love. ...
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Felica K Breton
omg im ugly crying both books were great thank you
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Erica R Smith
I see a lot of people wanted her with Luke but seriously even though she has love for him doesn’t mean she was in love with him. She saw him as a friend and if he would have done right by his true mate then half the other stuff wouldn’t have happened and he wouldn’t have died.
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