Time and Destiny
Time and Destiny
Author: GeekMon


“Dr Scott! These equations are theoretically correct but it’s impossible to practically implement them” said Dr Roberts. 

I knew this was going to happen, like always. Past two months of my life I had literally scratched my brains finding a solution to stabilize subatomic particles. Why do I even bother? Rest of the meeting was a blur.

I was the first person to walk out of the conference room. I ain’t going to rest until I proved that old fool wrong and show who’s the best scientist. This isn’t my arrogance speaking. Being a scientist is about discovering possibilities and solutions not giving up. I was so immersed in my thoughts I didn’t see Dr Evans approaching me. 

“Nova, I heard what happened in the conference room. Listen, you are one of the best scientists the country has but please think this through. We don’t have much time left for the International Science Summit, and we need a potential project completed by 2 months” 

He was right but I still believed in existence of wormholes and Vampires. Okay maybe not Vampires, but I have to give this a try.

“Dr Evans please give me a week, if I fail in proving my theory, I promise I’ll work on the nuclear reactor project” I said.

He let out a sigh, knowing he cannot win an argument with me and said, “You have one week and Nova I believe in you”

I smile and thank him. I hurry to my car and drive towards home.

Dr Marcel Evans was my father’s best friend. My parents were both scientists and they died when I was just 5 years old. Dr Evans had taken me under this care and helped me become what I was today.

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