69 | Turning his 'No' into 'Yes'

Ananya's POV 

I was going through the hall when my eyes fall on Aarav. He was sitting on the chair silently with his head down. I haven't seen this kid so calm and composed before. Something is definitely wrong with him. 

"What happened pumpkin? Why are you so sad?" I asked standing beside him

He didn't reply to me and continued looking down ignoring my presence. 

"I am asking you something" I sat on my knees, coming to his level. 

"Daddy said no" 

He sniffed. His voice was heavy. Is he crying?

"For what?" 

He looked up confirming my doubt. His eyes were filled with tears. How is this possible that the reason for Aarav's tear is none other than his father. 

"Next week is an annual function of my school. I want to participate in the program. Miss asked us to provide her with the written permission o

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Robin Lunsford
it's a wonder he didn't say anything negative about the girl

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