The Deviant CEO: Part II
The Deviant CEO: Part II
Author: Vampire Whore

Updated on December 20th 2020- Note Before you read.

I want to make a few things clear before you read this book. This ISN'T daily updated. I don't have the full book written yet and I'm not punishing or making readers suffer because of an issue prior to this book being posted where someone was harassing me. The full and complete book has never been posted because it's not even fully written yet. I am not punishing anyone. 

If you are reading either hoping or expecting this to be a complete book, it's not (yet). I post it chapter by chapter as I write it. It's not daily updated because I have a very busy life atm but it will be completed by January 2021 (I only started posting on December 1st 2020). 

If you WANT to read a full and complete book, come back then and it will be completed. 

This book is free for now, however, once this story is signed, it will be pay to read so also please don't read now while its free and then get any or disappointed when it becomes pay to read. I write as a job, so I get paid to do so like you and everyone else gets paid for their work/jobs they do. it's no different. Please don't complain about it just simply go and read a ''free'' book. 

I mean offence or annoyance to anyone with the above note, Im just saving readers from being disappointed if they have to wait for chapters or pay to read them. It also saves the need to leave 1-star reviews about this because it's all be explained beforehand. 

Anyway, enjoy!!!! 

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Angelica Espinoza
este libro lo puedo encontrar en español en alguna otra página
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Hazel Jordan
love the story
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Brittney Christine Wolf
Girl, I came for the sex in the first book and stayed for the story. You are awesome! Already into this one and am ready to find out more. You do you and forget the haters!

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