Chapter 11

*Claire's P.O.V*

We sat in silence for the next few hours. I was doing everything I could to silence my wolf's perverted thoughts. I couldn't help but find them equally tempting as well. I couldn't stand how the mate bond made me act. I had just met this man last night and I was already willing to crawl into his bed. 

Something had to change. I wasn't sure how long I would last until I finally caved in.

I pushed any thoughts about Alpha Killian out of my head and tried my best to think of anything else. I wondered what Hazel's mate was like, what she might be doing at this time. I wondered where Brandon's mate could possibly be and why he hadn't found her at the ball.

My thoughts consumed me for awhile, and I had hardly noticed as we hopped on an exit from the highway.

"Are we here?" I asked softly, not daring to turn my eyes to Alpha Killian. I didn't want to deal with the feelings his silver gaze would provoke, and my wolf w

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Beverly Stewart
liking this story so far
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Kim Coffey
I know...agree completely...sometimes I wonder if most these stories are just computer generated with the names being changed
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I don't understand why her wolf keep trying to push her to work through issues she's not ready to confront yet why would she keep trying to push her to mate with somebody she doesn't even know when she's still traumatized obviously and why you all condone her for having a stuffed animal for comfort.

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