Chapter 12

It was only another hour or two until we finally made it to the Blood Moon Pack's territory. I found myself scanning the forest through the sedan window, wondering how close we were. The ride was silent, but it was a comfortable silence. 

We finally made it to the center of some town and I found myself looking around excitedly. Although we traveled for the Ball every year, we never got the chance to actually explore. I frowned as we drove through the town, watching the red brick buildings fade into the distance. We traveled down a wide road that led directly into the woods. 

The sound of Alpha Killian's voice made me jump, but I kept my gaze on the trees that flew by and the fact that I could see a rust colored wolf easily keeping up with the sedan. After another thirty minutes we drove through an open gate. I looked on ahead in awe. The Blood Moon Pack looked like an enormous town hidden deep in the woods. The giant silver gate at the entrance could easily f

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Charnell Paris
she was like alright bet.....
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Kelly Val
"the fluffy bed that was calling my name" is perfect and funny ...
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Rebecca Jeane
No! He had better not rape her!

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