Chapter 17

Alpha Killian remained silent as I slowly ate the omelet he had made me. I was grateful for the silence, but couldn't stand the concern in his flickering gaze.

Part of me wanted him to go back to being cruel, so I didn't feel so terrible about trying to escape.

Rhea detested the thought, but this wasn't about her. I knew no matter what, she would insist we needed to remain with our mate. I didn't have the heart to tell her, but I knew I didn't deserve a mate, not after what had been done to me. Even a year later, I still felt disgustingly dirty.

Once I had finished, and my headache began to subside, I retreated to my bedroom. I sat on the plush bed as I contemplated how I would escape this place. I knew Alpha Killian would leave the house to work in his office for most of the day.

My chances of escaping were so slim that I almost knew I would have to go with plan B, but I owed it to my family to try and es

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What the Wick With Little Nick and Ryker-oo
Is her wolf’s name Dietra or Rhea?
goodnovel comment avatar
Tiffany C.
Came here to say this exact thing..
goodnovel comment avatar
that's been my assumption from the beginning. I wish we knew, but I get why we don't yet.

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