Chapter 19

The memories of the past finally began to fade away, leaving me stranded in the middle of an ocean.

The first thing I noticed as my consciousness was pulled back to the present was the fact that I was no longer standing. I could feel the hardwood floor under my bottom and legs. The sparks shooting through my face came next. As my eyes began to adjust, I looked into the concerned face of Alpha Killian.

I could see his lips moving, but my ears hadn't caught up quite yet.

"Claire?" Alpha Killian murmured, "Claire can you hear me?"

I tried to ask why he was so close to me, but the words came out in a disgruntled jumble.

Finally, when my brain was completely caught up, I took in my surroundings. Everything looked the same, minus me sitting on the floor. Then I realized how close alpha Killian actually was. I was sitting on the floor against the bed, his body crouched between my legs as he held

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kira Lee
wow that was dark
goodnovel comment avatar
Christy Meld
Why are we not coming to any resolutions and then you want so much per chapter?!? Very frustrating!
goodnovel comment avatar
It’s a book the author wrote it blame her not us

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