Chapter 25

I was practically on cloud nine. Sure I squirmed under all of the eager eyes, but I felt like I finally had a place in the midst of everything.

Of course, when you're feeling your best something has to come along and try to ruin that.

I strayed from Killian's side for the first time since we arrived at the party, looking for Kira and also something to drink.

I found what I was looking for at a table twenty feet away from where Killian stood. I couldn't make out his features any longer due to the volume of people mingling.

I grabbed a pepsi for myself and sipped contently. My train of thought was broken when an absolutely gorgeous blonde woman approached me. Female werewolves all seem to look like supermodels. All werewolves are naturally fit from training, but each of them radiated with their own beauty.

This woman was no exception. She had that perfect hourglass figure followed by defined cheek bones and full lips.

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Carol Green Gibson
No, you’re not mistaken. She kissed him willingly at first, then it turned ugly really fast.
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m sorry I’m just cracking up at the fact as as he’s holding her like a child having a tantrum
goodnovel comment avatar
I really like the book!! I do really wish I heard Killian’s point of view more though…

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