Chapter 28

The next day Killian had woken up early to head to work. I'm assuming work most likely meant torturing Blake for information.

"No one appreciates sleep around here." I grumbled at Killian. I couldn't understand why anyone would refuse the offer of sleeping in.

Killian chuckled at my grumpiness and smirked, "Good luck trying to sleep, Kira's in the kitchen waiting on you."

I groaned and rolled over in bed, desperately trying to find the willpower to get up. Killian's bed had to be the most comfortable thing I had ever slept in.

"Get your ass up. I made breakfast and I don't just cook for anybody!" Kira's voice called out through the mind link.

"Kira," I whined "I didn't go to bed until after midnight."

"I don't care how late you and my brother were up. That'll teach you not to be up all night doing the nasty." Kira snapped in my head.

"Ugh, you know we weren't doing that." I rolled my eyes at her.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Like perhaps in the basement?
goodnovel comment avatar
Do we ever find out how old Claire actually is? I had her pegged as 20ish from early clues (like how she skips Moon Balls), but then later clues were more like 17-18 or Kira saying (assuming?) she's a 17 year old girl. And now her baby sister, who found her mate earlier in the book is knocked up. ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Alana Adams
She’s 15 ... maybe 16. Did not expect this to have a teen pregnancy lol

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