Chapter 33

Killian's p.o.v

I didn't spend long torturing Blake. I was more determined than ever to get answers.

I had the pack doctor waiting outside of his cell, knowing he would need immediate attention when I finally finished.

Peeling the skin from Blake's abdomen, I leaned in close. He had finally stopped screaming and I waited for his next words.

The scent of blood, sweat and fear filled my nostrils, but that fueled me to continue.

"Tell me what you know, Blake." My voice was calm as i contained the rage that pulsed through my body. "You have so much skin. I won't stop here."

Blake's chest was heaving, his skin looking oddly translucent.

"Underground bunker" blaze rasped through the pain, "By Kentworth."

The name of the small town fifteen minutes away caused Titan's ears to perk up. This was a start.

"Where is it, Blaze?" I looked into his lifeless eyes, jamming my finger in
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goodnovel comment avatar
Hmm...Maria seems to be the obvious suspect for mole, since she was there at the shop with Claire, but Sabrina could also work....
goodnovel comment avatar
He only has 18 warriors in this area? With the amount of pack members that just seems way too low
goodnovel comment avatar
Such expensive chapters

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