Chapter 36

*Claire's p.o.v*

"Killian." His name left my lips as I heard the thundering foot steps closed in.

My hands gripped the cell bars tightly, waiting for the moment they rounded the corner and I could find the face of my mate.

My hope fizzled when a familiar face appeared in front of the rusted bars.

The big man from earlier had a cruel sneer on his face.

"Expecting your mate?" He grinned at me.

My stomach was twisting itself into knots. The big man unlocked my cell and I scrambled to get away from him. I needed to stay here and wait for Killian. If they moved me I wasn't sure he'd ever find me or my body if things went south.

"Get away from me!" I growled, pressing my back against the earthen wall.

The big guy sneered, a syringe in his hand. "No can do, mutt. We need to get a move on before your rabid mate gets here."

He grabbed me by the shoulder and forced the syringe i
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Comments (11)
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Francis M Torres
Rachel or Sabrina???
goodnovel comment avatar
It has to be Maria it’s too convenient
goodnovel comment avatar
Loretta Molia
Claire is tooooo weak to be an alphas mate

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