" Another country ?!" 

" Yes another country . It's like a mini-vacation " 

" How long would we be gone ?" 

" A week " Jason responded nonchalantly as the car stopped in front of a private jet

" A whole week ! , I have work to do , I can't leave Samira all by herself either and plus I didn't even pack enough for this trip " 

" You can work from here , Grace will be in charge of designing so it's not that big of a problem , as for Samira , just like she pointed out before she's not a child and I don't need we're going to be needing a whole lot of clothes while we're here " 

" You said lunch , dinner and breakfast " 

" Yes I did , but I never stated how many times you just assumed " 

" What if I say I'm not going with you ?" 

" Then I'll have to kidnap someone today , won't I ?" 

" You planned this with Samira didn't you ?" 

" I knew you'd catch on but not thi

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