I was awoken by my mom banging on the bedroom door. I pulled my blankets and groaned as I got up and opened the door.

"Yes, mom". I answered. Not bothering one bit about my annoyed tone. Like seriously I'm sleepy.

"Happy 18th birthday Anna, your dad and I made you breakfast, can you come down soon," mom said slightly taken aback by my sudden attitude, and then she sniffed the air around me and entered my room if I wasn't a werewolf I would've freaked out. 

"Sure mom I will b----", I was cut off by a fuming mom, now I know she isn't my real mom but when she's mad she is scary.

"Annalise Elizabeth Shaw, where you drinking and did you have a boy in here". She screamed at me and on cue, my dad came running up the stairs and then it all clicked."Shit," I murmured remembering last night with James, the drinking, the talking and then the ring I looked at my finger and I still had the ring on. 

"What's going on here?". Dad came into the room. Shit, shit, shit, think of something Anna, I keep saying looking all over except at my parents face. Ah ha an idea pops up in my head, sorry John for throwing you under the bus but man you gotta help me out, I said to myself.

"WHAT! No why would I be drinking and I don't know any boys remember", I let out a loud sigh for dramatic effect while trying to put my lie together and not making any mistakes.

"Someone spill alcohol on me in front of the gym yesterday. Also manly scent is from a guy I spar with yesterday, kelly came late so John put me with someone else. Honestly, how can you smell the guys scent on my clothes when it's in the laundry basket", I said knowing that will shut them up a bit. Dad looked at mom with disappointment clearly written all over his face. Shaking his head like she gave out a big secret making her look at the ground. And now i feel like an ass, they were only following orders. 

"Don't worry about that Anna, be down in 30 mins we have something important to talk about. Your mom is going crazy with all the cooking and you know she doesn't like cooking so this has to be special", dad said earning a slap from mom, instantly changing the vibe in the room, I couldn't help but laugh and wonder if this is what the mate bond is like?

"Ok, be down soon", I said watching as dad throw his arms around mom shoulders and pressing a kiss on her headas they leave the room. 

"Gosh, that was to close Anna, by the way, do you remember anything from last night", Nova asked. 

"No Nova, hold on I'm going to call James".

I know I shouldn't have let my guard down last night, but I was feeling safe and it doesn't happen all that often. Looking around the bed for my phone I saw a glass of cold orange juice by my nightstand with a note.

Dearest Anna,                                                                                                                                                                            I heard your parents woke up and I knew they would smell me in your room so I left, I'm sorry but your uncle will kill me if he found out I was in your room. After drinking your wine, you asked me to help you inside and you went to bed. I stayed just in case something happened while you were asleep. Enjoy your day and no matter what call me and I will be right there.

                                                                                                            YOUR BEST FRIEND,


I looked at the note in awe and smiled. Not all Vampires are bad guys. How was I so lucky to get such a good friend, putting the note down I sigh and took the orange juice and drank it, it was still cold meaning he just left. After taking a shower and changing into a pair of dark blue jeans, a black Thor T-shirt and black flats I began to feel light-headed, dropping unto my bed and falling asleep immediately. When I opened my eyes both the moon goddess and her granddaughter were waiting for me. Her granddaughter whose name I found out was Eve was training but always bought her grandmother when coming to see me.

"Hi, did you just knock me out", I asked, a little stunned. 

"Yep", Said Eve, who was jumping up and down like a little child while the moon goddess was just shaking her head. "I just learned to do that and I was super excited to try it," she said smiling ear to ear, I couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm.

"So is that why you knock me out? You're practising on me or is there another reason for me being here", I said gesturing to the forest, Eve came and sat next to me and took my hand, oh god this isn't good I thought to myself and Nova agreed.

"Well you know you're meeting your grandfather today, and we think it's time to tell your parents and grandfather that you are aware of what's going on. The rough alpha has gone dark and even though my grandmother did created all the wolves, we can't find him anywhere so we need you to be protected at all times. This isn't even the war that you were meant to fight but the supernatural is pretty messed up right now," she said sighing loudly like a heavyweight lifted off her shoulders. 

"OK," I said instantly, I really hate lying but I knew I had to at the time, and, who knows I can train with my parents now. They both looked at me like they were expecting me to argue and couldn't believe I would agree so fast. Then an idea popped up in my head, pulling away from Eve I looked between her and her grandmother, 

"Can I leave now? I'm sure they are waiting on me", I said with a smile on my face.

"Sure and whatever you're thinking about that's just wicked", Eve said returning my smile. The moon goddess just looked at both of us and then to the ground shaking her head saying something about us being spoiled.

As I opened my eyes, I headed down knowing full well what to expect. As I made my way to the kitchen I caught the most amazing smell ever cinnamon and coffee, looks like mom really went out of her way.

"No you idiot our mate is near," Nova said excitingly as she began pacing in my head.


"Funny because he's outside I can sense him", she said in a 'you don't have a choice tone'.

" Whatever, that won't do me anything and besides you're ruining my plans for my parents and grandfather, go hide somewhere until I'm finished, ok." I snapped at her. 

"NO, I WANT TO WATCH", She cried out, I have to say she is stubborn just like me. 

" Ok let the fun begin". As I sat at the table my grandfather walked through the door and stopped to look at me. Even though I know it was coming I still wasn't prepared for the wave of emotion that came from seeing my grandfather for the first time. I don't understand what I'm feeling, I should be mad but I'm not. I'm not exactly happy either, my emotions at the moment was all over the place. As I sit there looking at my grandfather I realize at least I don't have to lie to my parents anymore. But then I'm also angry because he never came to look for me, well at least I don't think so. My grandfather's a  tall man with salt and pepper hair, despite his age he's in good form. From the lines by his eyes you could see his age showing on his face. It could also be from stress but I don't know, he has a simular eye color to mine and wore a perfected fitted dark blue suit,. He slowly made his way around the table and sat next to me putting a blue box with a red bow in front of me.

"Amm H-happy B-birthday Anna", He said softly and gently, like he was scared I would scream or run away or something. But before he could continue to speak I spoke,

"Thank you, grandfather, and thank you for finally coming to look for me I thought you wouldn't make an appearance", I said, smiling at the shocked faces of my parents and grandfather, hahaha that's what you get for lying to me. He turned to my parents and gave them a death look that pissed me off immediately.

"Don't look at them like that, you may be my grandfather and Alpha but you don't disrespect the people that took care of me when my parents died",

My emotions was already all over the place and only fueling the anger rolling off me. Closing my eyes I took a moment to breathe then opened my eyes to see the most shocking faces ever, I loved it, I'm evil, I know but I love it. I took out my phone and called uncle Kylen telling him to come now. James informed him last night that I was moving to the packhouse, so uncle Kylen said he will be close by just call when I needed him. In a minute he was by the kitchen back door coming inside. The look on my parents and grandfather faces as uncle Kylen came and stood next to me was priceless. Uncle Kylen frown looking at the scene in front of him and then turns to me harding the look on his face. Apparently that's his 'trying to look strick face' but seriously it's making him look like he has gas or like he's constipated. 

"What did you do"? he asked, lowering his voice. 

"Nothing much as yet" I answered giving my biggest smile. 

"How long have you known," my grandfather asked, looking at me like he has seen a ghost.

"Since I was 13, and before you start. My parents didn't tell me anything I found out on my own and this, by the way, is my mom's brother uncle Kylen a vampire", I said gesturing to my uncle, then grabbing the box, pulling the ribbon free and opening the box. 

"Anna you broke the wolves, look at their faces. I think I should get a picture and maybe show John later'', Uncle Kylen said, laughing hard making my parents snapped out of whatever world they were in, but what broke me was the locket inside the box. Tt was a gold locket with the same design as my ring and had the same color stones as well. I started to wonder if James had known about the locket when he bought the ring. I opened the locket and saw a picture of a couple smiling happily, I looked at it for some time not realizing that everyone was looking at me.

"Cleo" was all that came out of uncle Kylen's mouth before a tear slid down his face, before I could even ask, he rushed out. I turned to look at everyone at the table and then my grandfather took my hand.

"They are your parents, Liam and Cleo. This picture was taken before she got sick, they were having a birthday party for your cousin Colin. He was like a son to your mom and dad". he said with a sad smile." I'm sorry we lied to you, but you need to understand why we did that", he finished looking at me. But, my mind was wondering, all I could do was think about how happy they were and if I wasn't born they would have still been alive and happy. I looked up at my parents and the tears started falling, maybe they are in danger because of me as well. I don't think I could lose them that would break me. I could see the questions in their eyes but they didn't say anything. I got up, wiped my tears and put the locket on. I shouldn't be crying. I'm strong and I can't change the past but I can secure the future. The three of them got up exchanging worried glaces, then focus on me like they were expecting me to lash out or something.

"Thank you, for the breakfast and the present but I should go. I'm getting late for school", I said walking towards the door.

"Anna, can we please talk? I know you're hurting but please baby let's talk", my mom said running behind me, I turned and hugged her, taken her by surprise.

"I'm fine, I will talk to you later", I said before walking out the house, as I close the door I close my eyes and inhaled deeply, and that cinnamon and coffee smell was all I needed to calm down. As I opened my eyes I was looking directly at three unbelievably handsome guys leaning on a black SUV, like seriously it should be a crime to be so good looking. Maybe its a wolf thing?

MATE, MATE, MATE. Nova sung in my head over and over, while I know she's excited for this I'm really not. Looks like I have to face it now....


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