Ch.108 Shivli and Bunny's exit.

" So, that's it. " She got up from the sofa and stood firmly crossed with her hands to her chest and coldly asked," Late. Mr . Anup Apurva Sanghvi. Your confession is finished or still you have something to say in your eminence."

Hearing her cold voice Bunny stood up from the chair. But due to fear of his mother, his legs automatically became numb. With his lower head, he also secretly took a look at his sibling's expression.  He couldn't understand the meaning of their crying.

Rishabh never thought Mansi ever spouted such harsh words for her own child. On the other hand Vihaan's facial expression showed dead pale condition. He was shivering and turned his face to Rishabh for help but before Rishabh could stop Mansi, s

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