Time to come back

Deep down Bella went, into the place where everything was dark, and nothing could touch her. Back in the real world, something bad had happened, but it wouldn't hurt her here, this was her safe place, and no one could enter. The intruders had stopped knocking awhile ago, the young woman with the yellow glow surrounding her, sitting astride a magnificent moon wolf, and the strapping young man that anchored the glowing girl to the physical world. She should know their names, but for now, it simply escaped her. In her dreamlike state, Bella smiled, she could just stay here forever, and no one would make her feel pain unless she wanted to. If only she could silence that nagging voice in her head...

"Bella, you have to face this!" The voice pleaded, and Bella could feel a scratching sensation in her brain, trying to wrench her back to the sad place. "Bella, our baby needs us!" It tried again, but Bella continued smiling as she floated away into nothingness,

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