A call to come home

The howling outside let Valenar know that the wolves' ceremony was over, they were all getting ready to run. Inside students and members of the coven mingled and laughed, while Raeann looked unhappy, and Quinley oversaw the merging of Ravenclaw. Valenar knew there would never be a better time to have the conversation he needed to have with his mate than right now when everything was under control. So he started walking towards her as Raeann stared wistfully at the door. Her need to run with her family must be driving her insane, and Valenar felt sorry for the strain being placed on her from the witches and wizards council, she should be allowed to live as she wished, instead of existing to handle the problems of others. Truth be told, he was wary too.

"Your Highness, there's a messenger at the entryway for you, he said that it's urgent." A young Acolyte steered him away from his mate and towards the back of the hall, moving deftly around the other bodies so that Valenar could

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